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Earlier press clippings

Connecting the SOA dots with UDDI
ZDnet, 10 June 2005

Advancenet Health Solutions, Inc. to Test New Open Healthcare Registry (OHR) Initiative to Foster the Public Adoption of Electronic Connectivity Between Healthcare Partners as Outlined by the Recent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Legislation
MarketWire, 7 Mar 2005

Core Web Service Standard UDDI Evolves With Version 3.0.2
Gartner, Feb 2005

Gartner Positive on Oasis UDDI V3 Ratification
Tekrati, 6 Feb 2005

OASIS Consortium Members Approve UDDI Version 3 as an OASIS Standard
CoverPages, 2 Feb 2005

OASIS Blesses UDDI Directory Spec for Web Services, SOA
eWeek, 3 Feb 2005

UDDI Ratified An OASIS Standard
WebServicesJournal, 3 Feb 2005

OASIS Ratified UDDI v3.0 as Standard
Webservices.org, 5 Feb 2005

UDDI 3.0 ratified as OASIS standard
ITNews, 4 Feb 2005

UDDI 3.0? Who really cares?
OnLamp, 3 Feb 2005

OASIS approves UDDI upgrade
InfoWorld, 3 Feb 2005

OASIS Refreshes UDDI Standard
Internet.com, 3 Feb 2005

UDDI v3.0 Ratified as OASIS Standard; Computer Associates, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SeeBeyond Technology, Systinet, and Others Produce Open Standard for SOA Registries
TMC, 3 Feb 2005

UDDI v3.0 Ratified As OASIS Standard
Grid Today, 3 Feb 2005

More open UDDI Web services directory standard ratified by OASIS
ADTmag, 3 Feb 2005

Int'l Standards Consortium Defines Standards for SOA Networking Components
ebizQ, 3 Feb 2005

W3C, OASIS Recommend New Web Services Standards
eWeek, 27 Jan 2005

Enabling SOA Through Web Services
Billing World & OSS Today, Jan 2005

A Closer Look at Web Services Standards
Billing World & OSS Today, Jan 2005

W3C, OASIS Recommend New Web Services Standards January 27, 2005
eWeek, 27 Jan 2005

[17 Nov 2004] Users and Vendors Demonstrate Support for UDDI OASIS Standard at Gartner Web Services Summit

UDDI news at UDDI.org

[20 May 2003] UDDI v2 Ratified as OASIS Open Standard

[30 July 2002] Web Services Body, UDDI.org, Transitions Work to OASIS Standards Consortium; UDDI.org Delivers Version 3 Specification

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