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Ballot: Committee Draft/Public Review Voting
The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.
On final release, should also release an ODF format version
(check to make sure the XML meets the spec).
It's odd to release a document format spec, and only use an
older nonstandard version of the spec.

I did find a few nits in the changes; they are trivial typos where no meaning is in doubt, and thus they should NOT impede the process:
* In 6.2.8 under "Display", in the changes, "therefor" should be "therefore",
and "if the the path" should be "if the path".
* 6.5.5, the new "these attribute" should be "these attributes".
* 14.6.2, "as attribute of..." should "as an attribute of..."
* In appendix E, I'd note the emphasis on IRIs instead of URIs. But that's obviously unecessary.