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Ballot: New Ballot for Profile for Web Ontology as Committee Draft
Sun Microsystems
1. Not specific to your profile but in reviewing it, it lists a series of discovery queries in Section 6. In a future version, consider if possibly basic and more advanced features may be addressed separately or with a conformance leveling approach. considered so as to allow some flexibility for these registry capabilities? For example, discovery queries (or a subset) may be supported but a user interface is yet to be implemented or planned. In the current specification of the profile, this is an RFC SHOULD requirement.
2. Several of the features described in Section 4 (transitiveness, equivalency etc) are outlined. However, formalism infers an element of proof here that is needed and/or required. Without mention, the profile implementers may assume these mechanisms operate in the background.

Per Dr. Dogac, "OWL is a formal language for reasoning based on Description Logics. ebXML RIM does not have a formalism; however it uses relational databases underneath so we may say that it has the formalism of relational databases which is for querying (set theory, relational algebra and calculus). Since the formalisms do not match, we take an engineering approach."

Perhaps a comment regarding this would be a reasonable addition to the specification of this profile (editorial in nature) in the next revision.