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Ballot: Approve WS-Trust v1.3 as an OASIS Standard
In principle, Fujitsu supports WS-Trust specification to be approved as an OASIS standard. However, the draft under ballot contains a problem, and we cannot vote for it unless changed appropriately.

The problem is the reference to WS-Federation in a non-normative part of the WS-Trust document (contained in the last paragraph of Section 2). Notwithstanding the authors' promise, WS-Federation is not even submitted to any standardizatin body such as OASIS yet, and Fujitsu considers it is inappropriate to be refered to by an OASIS standard.

Fujitsu wants to see WS-Federation to be submitted to an appropriate standardization body and published as an agreed standard soon. In case such standardization activity begins, Fujitsu will support the standardization work. Until then, the reference to WS-Federation specification should be removed from the WS-Trust document. The reference to the WS-Federation is purely informational, and the removal of the referring sentence will have no impact to the rest of the WS-Trust document.