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Ballot: Approve XRI Resolution v2.0 as an OASIS Standard
Library of Congress
First we reference comments of Wells Fargo, who said:

"Although we support XRI's objectives, we urge the XRI TC to consider W3C's comments seriously and add an non-normative clause explaining key differences between XRIs and URIs, and detail how the former address specific deficiencies of the latter."

And comments from Nokia, who said:

"Although the XRI TC and W3C TAG have exchanged some e-mail regarding the XRI spec, it appears the engagement has been mostly superficial. Consequently, we recommend these two groups engage in detailed technical discussions (including use cases and deployment scenarios) before OASIS formally adopt this spec."

We further observe that the body of existing documents on XRI, though abundant, all seem either too high level or too detailed. It is very difficult to get the whole picture.

The Library of Congress urges OASIS to:

1. Consider W3C's comments seriously, explain differences between XRIs and URIs and how XRIs address deficiencies of URIs, and respond with substantive explanations (rather than existing promotional text) to W3Cs concerns.

2 .Prepare a paper (or non-normative clause), perhaps 5-10 pages, that includes the above, as well as a comprehensive description of XRI, including use cases, deployment scenarios, and real-life examples.

The Library of Congress supports the XRI objectives and we are prepared to change our vote if these steps are taken.