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Ballot: Interest in creating well-known holders for simple and array types
NetUnity Software
Which ones must have values and which ones can be nil? What about just two primitive types? How about primitive types with a condition: an int only in the 1 - 100 range? How about me make "duration" work cross platform? This will go on and on.

When we first started implementing events, I was of the same mindset and now I'm completely the opposite. The standard will be ruined to to get convenience of serialization or ease of programming. From an XML standard point of view, it does not make sense to put these fixed payloads all over the place. The payload is arbitrary, leave it as such and follow the rules of XSD.

Once the arbitrary payload is handled, these default payloads complicate matters because now you are dealing both with arbitrary payloads and fixed ones. I'm now of the opposite mindset and default payloads should be removed altogether. They makes things worse. They are a false sense of convenience.