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Ballot: Submit CS 1.0 to OASIS
There are a couple of editorial changes that need making, but these will be addressed as part of my response to the OSIS ballot. They are as follows:
1)The title of X.693 amendment 1 has changed, and needs correcting.
2)In a few places, the correct terms BASIC-XER and EXTENDED-XER need using instead of the old terms XER and VXER.
4) In order to align the ASN.1 with the main text, a two-line encoding control section needs to be added to the ASN.1. (It is possible that BASE64 was intended to be used for certificates and cris in SignedData, in which case a further line will be needed.)

It is my understanding that it is not possible to change the document before submission for the main ballot, and these comments will therefore be made on the main ballot. If, however, it *is* still possible to make editorial changes to the document that is being approved for submission for OASIS ballot, then the above comments can be turned into specific change items.