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Ballot: Submit CS 1.0 to OASIS
No ASN.1 encoding control statements are required to implement XCBF CS 1.0. These need only be added for the convenience of some ASN.1 tool vendors, but are not needed by the community using this specification at large. The certificates and CRLS components of type SignedData are represented as Base64 armored binary objects that happen to be encoded using the ASN.1 Distinguished Encoding Rules. The OCTET STRING type can be used to transfer these objects and to verify that the data is "ASN.1-valid" with respect to the XCBF ASN.1 Schema. This data, then represented as hexadecimal characters, can be subsequently transformed by a receiving application into Base64 characters. This process does not require any additions to the current XCBF ASN.1 schema. On encoding these binary objects, they can be encoded directly into the hexadecimal representation required by the OCTET STRING type specified in the XCBF ASN.1 Schema, then converted after schema validation
into Base64 by the recipient.