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Ballot: Promote Advisory 00005 to Candidate Status
My reading of this is in ODF 1.2 is that

1. The presence of style:text-line-through-style is irrelevant unless thers is a style:text-line-through-type attribute.

2. The style:text-line-through-style *should* be present if style:text-line-through-type is present and its value is other than "none".

3. If style:text-line-through-type is present and the value is other than "none", there is still no line-through if style:text-line-through-style="none".

4. If style:text-line-through-type is present and there is no style:text-line-through-style, the default for the line style is evidently implementation-dependent. This advisory doesn't clear that up.

5. In [CSS3Text], the default line-throough-style for line-through lines is "solid," by inference from section 9.7 there. This would be consisent with the association of ODF 1.2 style:line-through-style with [CSS3Text] section 9.2. However, this has not been made explicit in any of ODF 1.0/1.1/1.2.