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Ballot: Template- and attribute-related changes for V1.2
I have looked long and hard at these changes which are minimal in the spec and I have a number of comments on why at this time these changes should not be in the specification,
1 - in Section 2.2.6 the sentence "Attributes specified in a Template apply to any object created that reference the Template by name using the Name object in any of the Template-Attribute structures in section 2.1.8." needs to be reworked. It is very hard to read and understand.
2- Any change to the specification should be based on profiles. Since we do not currently have any profiles making this change does not help implementers to get the usage correct. The profiles need to generate clarifications in the spec.
3- There has been a long discuss over what a template contains or does not contain. The changes currently in the spec do not clarify that. What is there today I think covers both ideas and until profiles are created making these changes do not really help.