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Ballot: Revised DSA mechanism proposal
Red Hat
Re michael's comment: One of the vargaries of the PKCS #11 spec is that size meanings very by algorithm type. Asymmetric algorithms like RSA and DSA have used bits and symmetric algorithms have use bytes. This proposal keeps

> Is there any relationship between the size of the prime and the size of the subprime? If so, this should be stated.

That's in the referenced external spec. It's not 1 to 1, so we still need to specify subprime size.

RE: CKA_SUBPRIME and CKM_DSA_PARAMETER_GEN... there should be no change. CKM_DSA_PARAMETER_GEN still only generates 1024 bit keys in this proposal..

(NOTE: these would have been great comments when I posted the spec several weeks ago).