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Ballot: CTI Common Proposal
Since before the CTI TC was established, I have been concerned that STIX and CybOX would get out of sync under separate committees, due to human politics and Murphy's Law. As it was abundantly clear that the notion of merging the two standards under a single committee would get no traction, I proposed CTI Common as a plan B at the Tampa F2F.

As the TC readily embraced CTI Common and everybody was happily working away at it for the past three months, this ballot struck me as the most inane administrivia imaginable. It seemed to me at the time that there was overwhelming consensus that the CTI Common was the best approach to keeping STIX and CybOX in lockstep. This ballot measure was simply intended to somewhat formalize CTI Common, such that a newcomer to the TC would have a clue what we were talking about.

Never in a thousand years did I imagine that this ballot would kick off so much discussion and controversy. Clearly I was wrong.

Time for plan C...