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Ballot: Approve STIX 2.0 WD03 as a Committee Specification
Within the MISP community, we are evaluating to add the STIX 2.0 export in MISP. But there are some issues that we would like to be solved in STIX 2.1 to ensure a seamless integration with the MISP sharing communities:

- Adding an event SDO. Proposal available at https://www.misp.software/Eventproposal-STIX2.1-1.pdf
- Improving the report SDO to support published flags and some additional fields to allow bi-directional interoperabiloty. Proposal available at https://www.misp.software/STIX2.1Reportproposal.pdf

We also recommend that open vocabularies be managed outside the OASIS process by a third-party organisation like IANA or FIRST.org .