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Ballot: Resolve Issue #3: add packed ring layout support

1) Packed virtqueues is a good (and important) addition to the standard. Regarding the quality of the text I would say: with some luck the reader can get it right. So that is pro.

2) Regarding the goal interoperability guaranteed if the interfacing entities implement the same standard: these changes are rather detrimental than beneficial. Terminology is getting more complicated, and overall it's harder to understand the specification. That is a con.

Of course we can improve on 2) before this gets in the next Committee Specification.

If I understand the process correctly, this vote is basically about committing the patches to the repository, and with that creating an more formal Working Draft. It is not a vote on a new Committee Specification Draft (and obviously not about Committee Draft as that would require Special Majority Vote -- despite the "virtio-v1.1-cs01" in the ballot question, which confused me a little).

Under these assumptions I feel comfortable voting yes.