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Ballot: Choosing a path forward for the STIX 2.1 release
New Context Services, Inc.
Option #1 - Full scope STIX 2.1 release, with additional validation
While I appreciate and empathize with the reasons why people find option #3 appealing (standards fatigue and a desire to just get *something* shipped as 2.1), the limited 2.1 CS feature scope for option #3 is *not* what we've been publicly telling people would be in 2.1 for the past 18-24 months.

In the case of either option, the next action for the TC will be to release a 2.1 CSD01 containing the limited scope features enumerated in option #3 and to begin the additional validation process as described in both options. (In fact, as a spec editor I feel confident that CSD01 will be ready to go to a CSD ballot before *this* ballot even closes.)

It is my belief that most (if not all) of the remaining work items originally slated for 2.1 (and enumerated in option #1) are quite close to being spec-complete. We should work to complete these vital STIX capabilities *in parallel* with the additional validation on CSD01.