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Ballot: Approve requesting a Special Majority Vote for TAXII 2.1
When we discussed the absent filtering/querying capability in the current working draft of TAXII on one of the TC calls last year I was asked my opinion directly and made it clear that I did not have an opinion on the topic one way or the other. The reason is quite simple: The lack of filtering/querying in TAXII has been a long standing issue and, as a result, I and those I collaborate with on projects concerning stix querying have been looking for other ways to service that requirement. On reflection - that's bad for the TAXII standard.

I do not essentially disagree that the spec is 'ready' nor do I believe we have not clearly discussed viable alternatives (such as a supplementary 'TAXII Query' spec to release in parallel). We have discussed that and it makes sense. However, I believe Marlon's point is well made that to move forward with that approach suggests that TAXII Query (to group this functionality in a single phrase) is less of a priority and that that could reflect badly for implementers who believe query functionality to be important.

I am choosing to abstain from this particular vote as I have no strong opinion either way as to whether we should move to Special Majority Ballot - simply that when/if we do move to Special Majority Ballot that I would be very keen to see Marlon's points specifically addressed in the future plan for the spec to ensure that this very important feature set of TAXII Query.