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Ballot: approve UBL as an OASIS Standard
Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)
UBL has defined an important set of identifiers for all kinds of
subjects related to the performance of international business and
merits approval of its work.

However, to enhance accessibility by UBL and other applications and to
increase interoperability across multiple overlapping B2B ontologies
and XML vocabularies, I would suggest that a parallel set of
identifiers be published as URIs using the conventions of Published
Subjects as established by the OASIS Published Subjects TC.

Compare for example:




where the latter would resolve to a Published Subject Indicator
(a simple HTML page) providing the UBL Definition of "Region",
Alternative Business Terms ("LocalityName", "Economic Zone"),
Examples ("European Union"), etc.

See "Published Subjects: Introduction and Basic Requirements" at the
OASIS Topic Maps Published Subjects TC documents page.