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Ballot: Approval of ECF 3.0 portable media messaging profile
American Bar Association
Build and testing needed first. I believe the grouping of committee drafts as a standard is sufficiently new, complex and innovative that while it is admirable for the effort and accomplishment of the design, it needs to be built and tested before being released as a recommended standard. By way of example only, it postulates improvements to GJXDM for LegalXML purposes, introduces schema, and requires multiple documents simply to assemble it as a comprehensive standard. It is imprudent to release it as a standard at this time without at least a build and preliminary interoperability testing. Without these precautions, it may cause extraordinary difficulties to developers, implementers, and courts and be unfair to include as a requirement in RFP's of courts and a basis for mandatory e-filing by lawyers. This is not a criticism of the work but a recognition of the premature (in terms of being tested) timing of the vote. If the grouping of standards is not tested and one or more components fail, then I fear we may return to an era of proprietary standards owned wholly by one or more dominant players in the industry, and thereby defeat the purpose of open standards.