OASIS Web Services Interactive Applications TC


Building Interactive Web Services with WSIA and WSRP
Web Services Journal, December 2002, Volume 2, Issue 12

"OASIS takes Web services standards to next level"
Computer Weekly, 26 Mar 2002

"A Friendly Interface: OASIS unveils new technical committee for standardizing interactive Web services"
As Web services technology continues to mature, companies readying Web services need to develop more and more standards, especially in areas such as presentation, interaction, and user interfaces. In response to the increasing demand for interaction standards, the Organization for the Advancement for Structured Information Standards (OASIS) formed a technical committee to develop a Web Services Component Model (WSCM).
Intelligent Enterprise, 1 Feb 2002

New Committee Focuses on Presentation of Web Services
Tyler McDaniel, Director of applications strategy for IT consultancy the Hurwitz Group, sees WSCM as part of a natural evolution of the Web services model. "[WSCM]'s intent is to start up the next phase of Web services. This next step involves automating the integration of disparate applications and machines. With SOAP and WSDL, what we're primarily talking about is the underlying layers. With WSCM, it's more focused on 'OK you've located the data, but how are you going to present it.?"
Web Services Report; 5 Nov 01

OASIS starts work on Web services standard.
Application Development Trends, 5 Nov 01

New OASIS TC for web services component model
xmlhack, 25 Oct 01

Blueprint emerging for user-facing Web services
Momentum is quietly gathering behind a prospective standard for defining how Web services will find their way into the hands of business users. OASIS announced the formation of a technical committee for the WSCM (Web Services Component Model). Influential vendors, such as IBM, Epicentric, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Documentum have thrown their weight behind it. The committee's development work will be particularly important for the enterprise information portal market, in terms of integrating Web services and other applications for end-user consumption... InfoWorld, 25 Oct 01

OASIS Members Form TC to Develop Web Services Component Model for Interactive Web Applications
CBDi Forum, 23 Oct 01

Oasis Group Forms Web Services Standard Panel
Ecomworld, 23 Oct 01

XML Edge
XML Edge, 23 Oct 01

OASIS to set Web services standards
Looking to create a platform for next-generation Web services, many high-tech heavy hitters are joining under the umbrella of the OASIS to set standards for the multichannel access to those services... Computerworld, 22 Oct 01