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Peter Furniss, Chief Scientist an co-founder, Choreology
Peter Furniss is a co-founder of Choreology and now the company's Chief Scientist. He is responsible, along with Alastair Green and others, for Choreology's involvement in several standards groups. He is editor of the OASIS Business Transaction Protocol (BTP) 1.0 Committee Specification and an active participant in, as well as issues list editor of, the OASIS WS-BPEL Technical Committee.

After a Ph.D from Imperial College, London University in simulation models of insect populations and a post-doctoral fellowship at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, he began his 20-year long career in professional computing. For ten years he was a staff member of the University of London Computer Centre, involved in and later leading the implementation of some of the "Coloured Book" open networking standards. From then and continuing as an independent consultant from 1992, Peter played a major role in the specification of the OSI standards, editing several, including the final edition of OSI Transaction Processing (ISO/IEC 10026).

As an independent consultant, his activities included implementation and report writing as well as the specification of several standards. He joined Arjuna Solutions (later Bluestone Arjuna) in 2000, where he worked as a Product Architect on the failure recovery aspects of their Java transaction service before co-founding Choreology. Throughout his career, Peter has maintained a balance between standards development and practical implementation, despite having been involved at some time with a large number of standards bodies.

Eric Gravengaard, Product Manager, Reactivity
Eric Gravengaard is the product manager for the Reactivity XML Firewall. Reactivity provides the only proven, high-performance, manageable security solution for XML-based Web services. Reactivity's XML Firewall expedites the development and deployment of secure enterprise-class Web services for internal and external customers and partners. Mr. Gravengaard has responsibility for managing the features and direction of the Reactivity XML Firewall in addition to representing Reactivity on several standards bodies including the WSS-TC and Security-Services (SAML) TC in OASIS. He holds an S.B. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and will soon complete an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

Ian Jones, E-Commerce Engineer, BT Group plc.
Ian Jones has worked in the field of B2B and electronic commerce since 1990 using EDI and VAN based solutions. Initially Ian developed major corporate EDI systems including message design and interconnectivity trials and implementation between many disparate systems and hardware. During the Mid and late 90's Ian worked on a number of Internet based systems to ease the trading with small and medium businesses. In recent years his involvement has been in implementing and supporting B2B using ebXML as well as a number of design and consultancy roles primarily in related areas of interconnectivity and systems integration.

Ian has been involved in the ebXML community since its inception in 1999 and is currently the chair of the ebXML Messaging Services TC. Previously he has been involved with CEN/ISSS and ETIS in the standardisation process for EDI and B2B using XML within Europe. Ian has a wide range of skill and experience in many areas of computing from low level programming to solution design and system environments from PCs to mainframe.

Ian's current role within British Telecommunications Group is as an E-Commerce Engineer where he provides design, consultancy and support for a number of BT's systems and external solutions primarily in ebXML, XML based systems and systems integration.

Sunil Kunisetty, Technical Lead and Lead Developer, Oracle Corporation
Sunil Kunisetty is the Technical lead and Lead developer for Oracle Web Services platform. He has more than 10 yrs. of experience and 6 yrs. in distributing computing itself. He is an expert member of JSR 109 (Enterprise Web Services for J2EE), JSR 224 (JAX-RPC 2.0), Web Services Reliable Messaging OASIS TC and WS-I Basic Profile communities. He is one of the primary authors for WS-Reliability specification. He is a frequent speaker at Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, SD Expo, Web Services Edge, Wow Gao and Oracle iDevelop conferences. He also wrote technical articles for Java Developer Journal and Oracle Technology network.

Richard Manning, Senior Software Architect and Lead Architect for Collaborative Systems, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Richard Manning is a Senior Software Architect and Lead Architect for Collaborative Systems in Sun Microsystems' Advanced Technology & Edge Computing Group (ATEC) where he specializes in service-oriented, peer-to-peer(p2p), dynamic/autonomic and wireless/mobility systems specification, architecture, design and development.

With over six years at Sun Microsystems, nineteen years in the software industry and over fourteen years developing object-oriented systems, Richard has extensive experience designing and building systems for the wireless/telecommunications, military, automotive, financial, entertainment, legal and retail industries. At present, his main focus area is autonomic computing using Java technology and N1. Key Java technology focus areas include JXTA, JMX and Java Web Services. For the past few years he has been working on high-end 3G wireless architectures in Europe, Asia and North America using various Java technologies. At present, he is developing Intellectual Capital/Intellectual Property in Collaborative Systems, Service Oriented Architectures, Autonomic and Grid Computing.

In addition, Richard researches software agents, artificial intelligence, autonomic, grid and distributed technologies. He is an active member of the AAAI1, OASIS2 and the JCP3. At Sun, he is a contributor to the SW-CTO4 and a member of the CETC5. He speaks frequently on a number of topics including dynamic/autonomic architectures, wireless/mobility, peer-to-peer computing, web services, grid computing and mobile, intelligent software agent technology.

Monica J. Martin, XML Web Services Standards Architect, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Monica J. Martin is an XML Web Services Standards Architect with Web Products, Technology and Standards team for Java Web Services at Sun Microsystems. She has a diversified background in information systems, enterprise architecture, business-to-business operations, and communications. Monica represents Sun in emerging standards development for business collaboration, web services choreography, business process, and related areas of rapidly growing importance in the web services and ebXML arenas. These standards efforts are happening in W3C, OASIS, RosettaNet, UN/CEFACT, OAGI, and similar organizations worldwide. Within Sun, Monica actively works with the product engineering, marketing, development, and software services teams to effectively integrate services-based approaches into product and service development.

JP Morgenthal, Chief Services Architect, SoftwareAG
JP Morgenthal is Chief Services Architect for SoftwareAG, a leading supplier of products and solutions for the XML marketplace. He is the author of "Enterprise Application Integration with XML and Java". JP is also a leading authority on distributed application development, including EAI, B2B, SCM, CRM, ERP.








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