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Learn how to design and transform your IT assets into reusable services that can be rapidly assembled to meet your changing business requirements.

Beginning 10 December, OASIS Open CSA will present five FREE webinars on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) and its role in SOA. SCA encompasses a family of royalty-free specifications that are based on the idea that business function is provided as a series of services, which can be assembled together to create solutions that serve a particular business need. SCA provides a model both for the composition of services and for the creation of service components, including the reuse of existing application function within SCA compositions.

Register for one or all five webinars and discover how to use SCA to:

  • separate Policy concerns from Business Logic
  • assemble composite services out of components created from a variety of technologies
  • support programming models for implementations written in C++, C, and COBOL

All webinar registrants will receive discounted admission to the OASIS event, Open Standards 2008: Composability Within SOA, 28 April - 1 May, Santa Clara, California, USA.

Series of Webinars timeframe:
3:00PM GMT, 12:00 Midnight Tokyo, 7:00AM San Francisco, 10:00AM Boston, 3:00PM London.
Attend one or all.

  1. SCA (Service Component Architecture) Overview

    The SCA overview will "paint the big picture" of SCA - the aims of SCA, the various parts of SCA and how SCA relates to other technologies in the world of Service Oriented Architecture. It will cover the overall objectives of the 6 OASIS SCA TCs and their common themes.

    Monday, 10 December, 2007
    Speakers: Sanjay Patil - Standards Architect, SAP
    Dr. Mike Edwards - Strategist, Emerging Technologies, IBM

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  2. SCA Policy Framework Tutorial

    Service oriented architecture is the latest technology for building business solutions. Policy is an important aspect of service oriented systems because it often constrains how business services are meant to interact with each other. Policy also provides the means for specifying both functional and non-functional capability that must be present during assembly, deployment and execution of business services. Abstracting these capabilities into declarative requirements allows the business logic developer to create services that are not tied to a particular infrastructure or middleware provider, enabling agility, flexibility and reusability of business services.

    A working knowledge of the SCA Assembly concepts is required in order to understand the basis of the examples and the features of the Policy Framework that build upon the base Assembly model. This presentation will cover the SCA Policy Framework concepts, early and late binding of policy, as well as examples of policy annotations in the Java programming language.

    Skill level: Advanced - some understanding of service-oriented architecture and a basic understanding of SCA is assumed, including familiarity with Web services terminology and policy (WS-Policy) and also a basic understanding of programming.

    Tuesday, 11 December, 2007
    Speaker: David Booz - IBM STSM, SCA and WebSphere Architecture, IBM

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  3. SCA Assembly Model

    The SCA Assembly model is a vendor-, technology-, and language-neutral model for assembling composite services out of components created from a variety of technologies. In this talk, the assembly model will be described in detail and illustrated through a variety of examples and use cases.

    Wednesday, 12 December, 2007
    Speaker: Michael Rowley - Senior Engineer - Office of the CTO, BEA

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  4. SCA for C++, C and COBOL

    SCA component implementations can be written in a variety of languages. This session will provide an overview of the programming model and support for implementations written in C++, C, and COBOL. The programming interfaces and supporting annotations will be introduced. Information on the progressing standards and implementations will also be provided.

    Thursday, 13 December, 2007
    Speakers: Bryan Aupperle, Ph.D., STSM, WebSphere Enterprise Platform Software Solution Architect, Master Inventor, IBM
    David Haney - Chief Architect, Hydra Products, Rogue Wave Software

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  5. OASIS Service Component Architecture / BPEL (SCA-BPEL) Overview

    SCA BPEL describes the model for building SCA service components using WS-BPEL, with the emphasis on the capability to use standard WS-BPEL processes as component implementations with straightforward mappings of the concepts of partnerLinks to SCA services and references. Moreover, SCA-BPEL introduces extensions for WS-BPEL 2.0 processes enabling a WS-BPEL process to deal with SCA properties and SCA multi-value references.

    Friday, 14 December, 2007
    Speaker: Dieter K├Ânig - Senior Technical Staff Member - IBM

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