The 2003 Board of Directors Special Election will elect 3 individuals to fill new board seats. The successful candidates will fill the 2 newly created elected Board seats and the 1 elected Board seat vacated when the President accepted the Appointed Director seat.


Any OASIS member organization in good standing may nominate an individual for the Board of Directors. Individuals nominated are not required to be individual members of OASIS or employees of OASIS member organizations.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be sent to nominations@oasis-open.org and be received during the nomination period.

Nominations must be made or approved by the Primary representative of the member company making the nomination. You can find your Primary company representative by navigating to your account in the members-only area, or go directly to http://www.oasis-open.org/kmembers/person/roster/.

Accepting Nominations

Nominees must email formal acceptance to nominations@oasis-open.org during the nomination period. Nominations not accepted by the end of the nomination period will be considered withdrawn.

Each nominee's acceptance letter should include:

  • A short biography and an optional statement describing the nominee's interest in and qualifications for serving on the OASIS Board.
  • Platform information, identifying opinions on priorities and issues facing OASIS, ideas for technical activities, and suggestions for business development initiatives or strategic partnerships. This information will serve as the primary means for members to understand a candidate's vision for the future of the Consortium.
  • A statement that the nominee has support from his or her management to devote approximately 10-20% of time his or her time to OASIS Board activities and is able to travel to attend face-to-face meetings approximately quarterly at his or her employer's or own expense.

Candidate Review

Nominees' acceptance letters will be published in the OASIS Members-Only area of the website for review during the balloting period. Once made available to the membership, the nominees' pages cannot be altered. These pages will be identified to members during the election process.

In order that members may better know the candidates, OASIS will post the member questions used during the last annual election to the special election candidates. Candidates are encouraged to provide their optional replies to these questions to enable voting members' selection of candidates based on their perspectives and views of issues that affect the Consortium. The member questions and Candidate responses to these questions will be accessible by OASIS members only.

In accordance with the OASIS Bylaws, candidates may request that material reasonably related to the election be forwarded to voting members. This provision will be offered equally to all candidates. Materials for distribution should be sent to scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org. Candidates will be copied on distribution of their material.

Voting Process

Each OASIS organizational member company is eligible to vote via one ballot during the review and balloting period. In order to submit a ballot, members must be in good standing when the ballot opens.

Notification of the availability of online ballots is distributed via email to each organizational member's designated voting representative. Ballots may be cast, or changed, anytime when the ballot is open.

Each OASIS Sponsor and Contributor member company may submit one ballot with votes for up to three individuals. Completed ballots must be received by OASIS before the end of the balloting period. The balloting system confirms receipt of the ballot to the voting member. The balloting period ends at the time stated. If quorum is not reached, the balloting period will be extended by reasonable notice to all voting members. The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes will join the OASIS Board of Directors.

Transitioning to a larger Board

In order to transition to the new number of elected Board seats and maintain the continuity of the Board, we will engage the following process:

  • Special Election 2003 will select 3 new Board members.
  • The candidate receiving the highest number of votes in the Special Election will hold a new Board seat until the 2005 Annual Election. The candidate receiving the second highest number of votes will hold a new Board seat until the 2004 Annual Election. The third place candidate will fill the elected seat vacated by the President's transition to an appointed seat. This seat previously held by Mr. Gannon expires at the 2004 Annual Election.
  • Annual Election 2004 will fill 5 expiring seats, including the 3 current Board seats filled in 2002 and the second and third Special Election seats identified above.
  • Annual Election 2005 will fill 5 expiring seats, including the 4 seats filled in 2003 and the first Special Election seat identified above.
  • Subsequent years will have 5 seats open for election for 2 year terms.

In the case of a voting tie, the current Board of Directors will decide on the selection from among the tied candidates. Should this happen, the membership of OASIS will be notified of which candidate(s) were elected by ballot, which tied candidate(s) was selected by the Board , and with the subject's consent, which tied candidate(s) was not selected in this process.

2003 Board of Directors Special Elections Schedule

26 September Nominations open
9 October (23:59 hrs, 11:59pm US EDT) Nominations close
14 October Ballot opens
27 October (23:59 hrs, 11:59pm US EDT) Ballot closes
29 October Member Announcement of Special Election results
25 November Board Call, new Board seated