Presenting on OASIS Work at Conferences

Members are encouraged to deliver presentations that discuss OASIS technical work at conferences and other public venues. When presenting, it is best to be clear that an individual is either a) representing themselves and/or their employers or b) speaking on behalf of one or more OASIS Committees. In either case, speakers should ensure the technical work referenced has already been officially announced by OASIS, either through an OASIS press release or posting on the OASIS web site.

When representing themselves and/or their employers, members may wish to:

When speaking on behalf of an OASIS Committee, members should:

  • ensure that the presentation has been reviewed and approved by the TC
  • notify events@oasis-open.org prior to the event, so that staff may promote the presentation on the OASIS Event Calendar and OASIS News
  • format the presentation using the OASIS slide template:
  • forward slides to events@oasis-open.org following the event for posting on the OASIS Presentations Page