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Guidelines for OASIS Technical Committees on organizing and hosting webinars

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Coordination Tips


Webinars offer a low-cost way to deliver an OASIS TC's message to people from around the world. Individual TCs or groups of related TCs are encouraged to host webinars in order to:

  • educate potential implementers and influencers,

  • promote adoption of TC work,

  • solicit public feedback

  • highlight particular use cases,

  • demonstrate interoperability,

  • encourage TC participation


OASIS Webinars are joint efforts of OASIS TC members and staff. The following checklist details some of the actions involved in the planning and execution. TCs may choose to designate a subset of its members to coordinate the webinar or the entire TC membership may collaborate on the activities.

TCs are responsible for:

  • Drafting webinar abstract

  • Providing main speakers and presentation slides

  • Soliciting donation of webinar services (WebEx, etc.) and teleconference lines from TC members
    Donors will be acknowledged in the webinar promotion and presentation. If donors from the TC membership are not available, OASIS staff will work to identify donors from outside the TC.

  • Scheduling webinar
    The TC may consider hosting the webinar at two or more different times to accommodate attendees from multiple time zones.

  • Linking to the online webinar description/registration from the TC's public home page and schedule

  • Encouraging TC members to promote the event on their organizations' web sites, other mail lists, etc.

  • Providing OASIS staff with survey questions for registration form (optional)

  • Providing presentation after the event for posting on OASIS website

OASIS staff is responsible for:

  • Managing online registration, including sending confirmation, reminder messages, and follow-up emails to attendees

  • Providing editorial assistance for TC's abstract and slides (as necessary)

  • Promoting the event on the OASIS websites, newsletters, and mail lists

  • Providing a staff speaker to open the webinar, deliver brief introduction to OASIS and the TC, and handle any OASIS-related questions following the presentation

  • Providing TC members with names/companies of registrants and registration survey results

  • Posting webinar presentation online after the event

Coordination Tips

  • Consider using inexpensive VOIP phone lines. Arrange for toll free numbers in each continent, if possible. Select a teleconference provider that offers a way to mute all lines but current speaker, if possible.

  • Advise attendees to:

    • log in to webinar service 15 minutes in advance and conference call 10 minutes in advance

    • check their browsers, etc. with webinar service (WebEx, etc.) in advance

    • review FAQ from webinar service issues (to understand basics such as how to join a meeting)

    • prepare questions in advance in a text file so they can cut/paste into chat window rapidly

    • share webinar session within same company with colleagues to save bandwidth

    • mute their phones when joined

  • Ensure all speakers are using quality microphones and amplifiers.

  • Rehearse at least once with all speakers and finished slides.

  • Agree on a contingency plan for recovery in case of technical problems (know which slides to skip).

  • Consider recording the webinar (in addition to providing slides) for those who can't attend the live event. Provide slides in multiple formats (ppt, sxi, odp, pdf).


Additional coordination tips or suggestions that improve upon the above procedures are welcomed. Please send comments to communications@oasis-open.org.