OASIS Standard: DocBook v4.1 (2001)

DocBook is a DTD for computer documentation. It is suitable to be used for both books and papers, and for both computer software and hardware. This DTD was certified as an OASIS Standard on 2 February 2001 after a vote of the OASIS membership.

Because it is a large and robust DTD, and because its main structures correspond to the general notion of what constitutes a "book"; DocBook has been adopted by a large and growing community of authors writing books of all kinds. DocBook is supported "out of the box" by a number of commercial tools, and there is rapidly expanding support for it in a number of free software environments. These features have combined to make DocBook a generally easy to understand, widely useful, and very popular DTD. Dozens of organizations are using DocBook for millions of pages of documentation, in various print and online formats, worldwide.

DocBook v4.1.2, an XML version of the DTD, is found at, and v4.1, an SGML version of the DTD, is found at Documentation for the DTD is found at