Fragment Interchange

9601:1996 Fragment Interchange

The SGML standard supports logical documents composed of a possibly complex organization of many entities. It is not uncommon to want to view or edit one or more of the entities or parts of entities while having no interest, need, or ability to view or edit the entire document. The problem, then, is how to provide to a recipient of such a "fragment" the appropriate information about the context of that fragment in the original document that is embodied in the part of the document that is not available to the recipient.

The goal of this resolution is to define a way to send fragments of an SGML document--regardless of whether the fragments are predetermined entities or not--without having to send everything up to the part in question. The delivered parts can either be viewed or edited immediately or accumulated for later use, assembly, or other processing.

This Technical Resolution is available in HTML, PS, and XML formats.