Updated Mon, 17 Dec 2001
Commercial Applications
Free Applications

These tools are known to work with DocBook. If you know of other applications or tools that support DocBook, please let me know.

Commercial Applications

The following applications are known to support DocBook “out of the box”:


From Arbortext.


From Adobe.


From SoftQuad.

XMLmind XML Editor

From XMLmind.

Free Applications

These free tools (in no particular order) are known to support DocBook:


ThotBook is a visual editor for DocBook SGML/XML and derivatives, based on the Thot toolkit. [20 Sep 2001]


docbook2X is the collective name for a bunch of tools for converting DocBook documents into the traditional Unix documentation formats: roff -man pages and Texinfo.

Emacs PSGML-mode

An SGML/XML editing mode for Emacs.

Modular DSSSL DocBook Stylesheets

DSSSL stylesheets for DocBook.

XSL DocBook Stylesheets

XSL stylesheets for DocBook.

DocBook-to-Man batch converter

Written by Fred Dalrymple, contributed by the X Consortium


Conversion scripts for Omnimark, contributed by Robert Lockwood of Novell

Dave Megginson's SGMLSpm (check a CPAN site near you)

A Perl class library for use with sgmls and nsgmls. Includes an example which translates DocBook Articles into LaTeX.


The FreeBSD documentation is being migrated to DocBook. Several DocBook tools are available as packages for easy installation on FreeBSD machines.


KDE is migrating all its documentation to DocBook SGML. It is already the format for all new documentation (LinuxDoc SGML is not used any longer).


SGMLtools grew out of the Linux Documentation Project. Several DocBook tools are available as packages for easy installation on Linux machines.


Peter Flynn provides the SGML source (an extension of DocBook) for the XML FAQ along with stylesheets for Panorama and Multidoc Pro.

pod2docbook (check a CPAN site near you)

Converts POD (Perl's Plain Old Documentation format) into DocBook.


IBM's Java-based XML editor.