Updated Fri, 27 Dec 2002
 DocBook XML Schema V4.1.2.3

This is not the current W3C XML Schema version of DocBook. Please use the current version instead.

Recent Changes

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You can also retrieve the files individually if you prefer:


A brief discussion of the DocBook XML Schema.


The DocBook XML Schema.


The DocBook XML Schema “hierarchy” module.


The DocBook XML Schema “information pool” module.


The DocBook XML Schema “notations” module.


The DocBook XML Schema tables module.


The OASIS Open Exchange Table Model XML Schema. (This is an unofficial version.)


A test document.

Recent Changes

2001-01-12  Norman Walsh  <ndw@nwalsh.com>

    * README.xml, dbhier.xsd, dbnotn.xsd, dbpool.xsd, dbtables.xsd: 
    Updated version numbers

    * dbhier.xsd: Fixed a typo, removed some bogus local attribute references

    * dbpool.xsd: Fixed name of zone attribute

    * dbpool.xsd: Inserted some missing content models

    * docbook.xsd: DocBook XML Schema V4.1.2.3 released

2001-01-10  Norman Walsh  <ndw@nwalsh.com>

    * Makefile, README.html, README.xml, dbhier.xsd, dbnotn.xsd, dbpool.xsd, dbtables.xsd, docbook.xsd, soextblx.xsd, test.xml: 
    Point to XMLSchema DTD on the web; tweaks for publication

    * dbhier.xsd, dbnotn.xsd, dbpool.xsd, dbtables.xsd: Updated version number to

    * dbpool.xsd: Added reference to table module

    * docbook.xsd: DocBook XML Schema V4.1.2.2 Released

    * soextblx.xsd: whitespace

    * test.xml: A test case

2000-11-10  Norman Walsh  <ndw@nwalsh.com>

    * dbhier.xsd, dbnotn.xsd, dbpool.xsd, dbtables.xsd, docbook.xsd, soextblx.xsd: 
    Added explicit namespace; converted to xsd:include instead of entities

2000-10-19  Norman Walsh  <ndw@nwalsh.com>

    * dbhier.xsd, dbpool.xsd: Whitespace changes

2000-10-16  Norman Walsh  <ndw@nwalsh.com>

    * Makefile, README, README.html, README.xml: Documentation

    * README: Added note about namespace names

    * README, test.xml: Updated

    * dbnotn.xsd: New file.

    * dbpool.xsd: table and informaltable are subtypes of tbl:tableType

    * dbtables.xsd: Make dbtables a redefinition of soextblx

    * docbook.xsd: Added comments, tables, and notations

    * soextblx.xsd: New file.

2000-10-13  Norman Walsh  <ndw@nwalsh.com>

    * README, dbhier.xsd, dbpool.xsd, dbtables.xsd, docbook.xsd: 
    Added version numbers

    * dbhier.xsd: Fixed typos

    * dbhier.xsd, dbpool.xsd, dbtables.xsd, docbook.xsd: Sortof working

    * dbpool.xsd: Added missing 'mixed' attribute on 'term'

    * dbpool.xsd: New file.

    * dbpool.xsd: Seems OK

    * test.xml: New file.