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* XLIFF TC Meeting (Conference Call)
Name * XLIFF TC Meeting (Conference Call)
Time Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 11:00am to 12:00pm EST
(Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 04:00pm to 05:00pm UTC)

Please get the dial in information from our private Action Item here:


Minutes of XLIFF TC meeting on 2017-02-21

David: quorum achieved with 4 out of 5 voters. Felix on LOA, Regrets from Lucía and Phil

David comments on need to expand active membership. The final redtape might be kind of boring but we will be in toruble if ww arrive at cos01 with 6 or less voters.. WEe should reach out to people who stopped attending and also make the agneda more interesting with 2.2 considerations. I reached out to Patrik from SDL and to Ryan, didn't hear from Ryan, Bryan should try and get to Ryan and Fredrik..



Bryan: last meting minutes  https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201702/msg00107.html approved bz electronic call for diseent to progress csprd02

Based on David's proposal 


Bryan moves to summarily approve simple editorial fixes (issues 21, 25-27, 29-31)

David seconds

no dissent, motion carried


review of possibly material (i.e. not obviously editorial) issues 22, 23, 24, 28


issue XLIFF-28: comments in the draft (in the ITS module)

David     not material - most comments have already been addressed

                it is now clear in the prose -- if not, it's editorial

Yves       not sure about all of them

David     have until Friday - can post extra comments for any that may not be editorial

                will review as I will be working through them and flag any that would require material change

Yves       are they all done? still to review?

David     even link to ITS isn't material

Yves       might be a lot - reviewers haven't seen final document

David     most already addressed in prose, just the falg comment needs removed; review others

                I think we have consensus to proceed

Bryan seconds

no dissent, motion carried

issue XLIFF-22: CTR warning and best practice guidance

David     paraphrasing Chase: usability is lowered without guidance

                discussion? opinions?

Yves       haven't looked at changes yet

David     two parts: editorial small fixes, and a request for guidance

                not really a material change; no change to normative content

                add specific links to guidance in attribute descriptions

                will propose the specifc prose solution and call for dissent on the JIRA issue, to have the text ready and approved by 7 March

                motion to approve proceeding with CTR guidance as outlined

Tom       second

David     no dissent

motion carired


issue XLIFF-23: handle ITS Translate in XLIFF

Yves       agree with comment by Chase Tingley

David     category that is NOT defined in ITS module, it's in core, this whole guidance is just informative..

                change emphasis, use examples that really represent the different cases

                how to address this comment?

Yves       some tools don't handle tarnslate annotation properly

                its' possible to get the text from the code and display the original data in GUI

David     most tools have issues with displaying content of codes from original data. So you are really between a rock and a hard place if in teh code something that has linguistic relevance..

Yves       also can use attributes in the code itself

                either solution is a good one; depends on context

David     provide better examples, show when protection by code is better and vice versa, don't discourage either..

David     we have consensus, right?

                call for formal consensus

Bryan    second

David     I don't hear dissent

Motion carried


issue XLIFF-24: missing itsm namespace on core extension points prose

David     changing from URN namespace to W3C namespace - mass replace

                now module has two namespaces; both need to be allowed on core extension points

                artifacts are clear, suing both namespaces as required, but in prose the urn malesapce is missing

                since it's okay in validation artifacts, this is just an editorial bug fix

                it's clear we need to add it; editorial, or material?

               any discussion?

Yves       It's editorial - fixing an editing issue

David     formally call for dissent to proceed with fix

Bryan    second

no dissent, motion carried

David     that's all the bigger issues, those who had potrntial to become material but chances are that all will be resolved as editorial.. Thanks for your input on that..

Bryan    do we have enough agenda items to take us to the top of the hour?

                progression to CS01 and beyond

                to meet OASIS requirements, need Statements of Use

                Lucia sent questionaire; David sent some recommendations

David     clarifications, not contentious; bug fixes; Lucia can fix when she gets back from vacation

                others please look at questionnaire, send comments and change requests by end of February

                need a new extension example to replace SDL XLIFF example (used in 1.2 but not 2)

AI Bryan and Yves:

send to Lucía yor extension namespaces to replace the sdlxliff example that is irrelevant

David     Felix and Soroush are working on implementations - should have some good implementations. Felix through FREME and Soroush possibly through oXzgen and FREME


Yves       I doubt it - implemented but doesn't really work; not sure I have enough time to fix it

David     reached out to Ryan re: MS picking up at least the changes to CTR Module but didn't hear back

                Phil and Chase (with OCELOT) depend on Yves's library so they may not be able to deliver if OKAPI isn't updated.

                Bryan, plans to support in XMarker? or XLIFF roundtrip, the DITA OT plugin?

Bryan    won't be able to get to ITS

                hope to update CTR but can't commit to it

David     will take some time to get to CS01

                okay to proceed with a minimum number of implementations as required by OASIS

                but need some outlook or pipleine for more robuts implementations esp. from industry

                SDL won't pick up 2.1 unless MSFT object model is updated

                Vistatec/Spartans won't unless OKAPI XLIFF Toolkit is updated

Bryan    action items to reach out to Ryan re: MSFT SOU

                update support for CTR in XMarker

                concluded item 3; now item 4 P&L SC


Asked XLIFF OMOS about XLIFF Symposium, the consensus is now across TCs for Silicon Valley

                XLIFF OMOS committee making progress with JLIFF


Presented (Soroush and I) XLIFF 2.1 csprd02 at XML Prague on 10th Feb with focus on ITS Module, was a successful presentation and we did have the cspr02 life thanks to Chet superhuman effort. Soroush also presneted on FREME and the oXygen XLIFF framework

For the record, XLIFF TC thanks to Chet for quick turnaround for the second public review!

Bryan    agreed!


David     TBX progress toward draft international standard

                TAPICC sticks to XLIFF and XLIFF object model as payload, they are now mostly collecting business metadata across initiatives..

Bryan    expected changes and timing for the new TBX spec?

David     yes, change from TMX to XLIFF inline data model

Bryan    does GALA own that standard?

David     was always in ISO, even when it was dual published with LISA; lapsed to ISO only when LISA went bankrupt..

Bryan    will new standard be free?

David     will be published by ISO so need to pay for copies, not necessarily for Royaltess, AFSIK it's not patent encumebered. It's just those 80-90CHF for each copy..

         But LTAC/TerminOrgs publishes industry profiles/dialects, notably TBX Basic

                XLIFF mapping is with TBX basic and that will pickup the ISO standard changes.

Bryan    new business for next week?

David     proceed with approval to CS01 or CSPRD03 

Bryan    what makes the determination?

David     if everything is editorial, vs. material, what we have now looks all editorial but we may reiceive new material comments by 24th February..

Bryan    adjourn


I. Approve 7 February 2017 meeting minutes
Minutes for 7-February 2017 approved by email thread https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201702/msg00107.html

II. Public review

“Public Review for XLIFF v2.1 - ends February 24th” Chet https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-comment/201702/msg00002.html

  A. Public review comments

   1. “text protection using native codes and

Submitter Bryan Schnabel
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