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Advancing the bitext exchange standard for localisation

Lucía Morado Vázquez, lucia.morado@unige.ch, Chair
Yoshito Umaoka, yoshito_umaoka@us.ibm.com, Chair
Rodolfo Raya, rmraya@maxprograms.com, Secretary

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XLIFF Localization Standard Gains International Acceptance with Approvals from OASIS and ISO: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SDL, Trinity College Dublin (ADAPT), and Others Advance Interoperability Standard for Commercial and Open Source Localization Tools; 7 March 2018.

8th International XLIFF Symposium program published. https://locworld.com/events/feisgiltt2017/

Registration of FragID prefixes for Extensions

If you are using your own extension elements or attributes in XLIFF 2, and the extension has identifiers, you MUST register the prefix corresponding to your extension's namespace, so that tools can point to the element following the Fragment Identifier mechanism of XLIFF 2



The purpose of the OASIS XLIFF TC is to define, through extensible XML vocabularies, and promote the adoption of, a specification for the interchange of localisable software and document based objects and related metadata.

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