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Defining a federated document transport infrastructure for business document exchange

Kenneth Bengtsson, kbengtsson@efact.pe, Chair
Sven Rasmussen, svrra@digst.dk, Secretary

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Service Metadata Publishing (SMP) V1.0 has been approved as OASIS Standard

Service Metadata Publishing describes a protocol for publishing service metadata within a 4-corner network.

In a 4-corner network, entities are exchanging business documents through intermediary gateway services (sometimes called Access Points). To successfully send a business document in a 4-corner network, an entity must be able to discover critical metadata about the recipient (endpoint) of the business document, such as types of documents the endpoint is capable of receiving and methods of transport supported. The recipient makes this metadata available to other entities in the network through a Service Metadata Publisher service.

This specification describes the request/response exchanges between a Service Metadata Publisher and a client wishing to discover endpoint information. A client can either be an end-user business application or a gateway/access point in the 4-corner network. It also defines the request processing that must happen at the client.

Editable source (Authoritative): http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-smp/v1.0/os/bdx-smp-v1.0-os.doc
HTML: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-smp/v1.0/os/bdx-smp-v1.0-os.html
PDF: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-smp/v1.0/os/bdx-smp-v1.0-os.pdf

For your convenience, OASIS provides a complete package of the prose specification and related files in a ZIP distribution file. You can download the ZIP file here: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-smp/v1.0/os/bdx-smp-v1.0-os.zip

Business Document Metadata Service Location (BDXL) V1.0 has been approved as OASIS Standard

Business Document Metadata Service Location defines service discovery method values for use in DNS Resource Record service fields. A method is first specified to query and retrieve a URL for metadata services. Two metadata service types are then defined. Also an auxiliary method pattern for discovering a registration service to enable access to metadata services is described. The methods defined here are instances of the generic pattern defined within IETF RFCs for Dynamic Delegation Discovery Services (DDDS). This specification therefore defines DDDS applications for metadata and metadata-registration services.

Editable source (Authoritative): http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/BDX-Location/v1.0/os/BDX-Location-v1.0-os.odt
HTML: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/BDX-Location/v1.0/os/BDX-Location-v1.0-os.html
PDF: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/BDX-Location/v1.0/os/BDX-Location-v1.0-os.pdf

Example files: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/BDX-Location/v1.0/os/examples/

For your convenience, OASIS provides a complete package of the prose specification and related files in a ZIP distribution file. You can download the ZIP file here: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/BDX-Location/v1.0/os/BDX-Location-v1.0-os.zip

Business Document Envelope (BDE) Version 1.1 has been approved as a Committee Specification

The Business Document Envelope defines a business-oriented artefact enveloping a payload of one or more business documents or other artefacts with supplemental semantic information about the collection of payloads as a whole. This is distinct from any transport-layer infrastructure envelope that may be required to propagate documents from one system to another. A business document envelope describes contextual information important to the sender and receiver about the payloads, without having to modify the payloads in any fashion.

HTML: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-bde/v1.1/bdx-bde-v1.1.html
PDF: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-bde/v1.1/bdx-bde-v1.1.pdf

For your convenience, OASIS provides a complete package of the prose specification and related files in a ZIP distribution file. You can download the ZIP file here: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-bde/v1.1/cs01/bdx-bde-v1.1-cs01.zip

Revised TC charter

The OASIS Business Document Exchange TC approved a revised charter on 19 April 2012 (http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ballot.php?id=2207) and begins work under its new charter on 02 May 2012. The record of the TC's activities under its earlier charter remains publicly available at:

The TC email archives will also remain permanently available at:
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/bdx/ and


The OASIS BDXR TC advances an open standards framework to support public e-procurement and e-invoicing. The group defines specifications for a lightweight and federated messaging infrastructure that supports a 4-corner model for the secure and reliable exchange of electronic documents. Wherever possible, the TC specifications are based on profiles of existing standards from OASIS and elsewhere. BDXR TC members also coordinate the submission of new requirements as use cases for expanded functionality.

The original OASIS BDX TC was formed to advance the messaging portion of PEPPOL. Subsequently, the decision was made to broaden the scope of the TC to include global requirements and use cases from government and industry and to support an ongoing technical convergence between PEPPOL and other European Large Scale Pilots (LSPs), resulting in the rechartered OASIS BDXR TC.

All those involved in e-procurement and e-invoicing are invited to participate in the BDXR TC, including public and private sector agencies, enterprises, solution providers, consultants, and researchers. E-payment actors including financial institutions, associations and payment networks should also be represented in this work.

For more information, see the BDXR TC Charter.


No subcommittees have been formed for this TC.

TC Tools

TC Liaisons

Liaisons have been established with ETSI ESI (Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures). Liaisons officers are:

Andrea Caccia, AITI-Associazione Italiana Tesorieri de Impresa
Juan Cruellas, Departamento de Arquitectura de Computadores, Univ Politecnica de Cataluna

Other liaisons will be established in the course of the work

Technical Work Produced by the TC

Service Metadata Publishing (SMP) Version 1.0. Edited by Jens Aabol, Kenneth Bengtsson, Erlend Klakegg Bergheim, Sander Fieten, and Sven Rasmussen. OASIS Standard. http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-smp/v1.0/bdx-smp-v1.0.html.

Business Document Metadata Service Location Version 1.0. Edited by Dale Moberg and Pim van der Eijk. OASIS Standard. http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/BDX-Location/v1.0/BDX-Location-v1.0.html.

Business Document Envelope Version 1.1. Edited by G. Ken Holman and Kenneth Bengtsson. 05 December 2016. OASIS Committee Specification 01. http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-bde/v1.1/cs01/bdx-bde-v1.1-cs01.html. Latest version: http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/bdx-bde/v1.1/bdx-bde-v1.1.html

Expository Work Produced by the TC

There are currently no approved expository work products for this TC.

External Resources

Although not produced by the OASIS BDXR TC, the following information offers useful insights into its work:

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bdxr: list used by TC members to conduct Committee work. TC membership is required to post. TC members are automatically subscribed; the public may view archives.

bdxr-comment: public mail list for providing input to the members of the BDXR TC. Send a comment or view archives.

Additional Information

On 19 April 2012, the original OASIS Business Document Exchange TC approved a ballot to revise its charter and continue its work as the BDXR TC. The original BDX TC's web pages, the TC mailing list archives, and the comment list archives remain publicly accessible.

Providing Feedback: OASIS welcomes feedback on its technical activities from potential users, developers, and others to better assure the interoperability and quality of OASIS work.