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OASIS Open Approves SMP v2.0 Standard for Connecting Trading Partners in a 4-Corner Network

Standard advanced by Danish Business Authority, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, IBM, Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management, and Others

2 March 2021 — OASIS Open, the global open standards and open source consortium, announced that its members have approved Service Metadata Publishing (SMP) v2.0 as an OASIS Standard, a status that signifies the highest level of ratification. The SMP framework facilitates dynamic discovery and capability matching between participants in a business community and enables addressing and routing in an interoperable and secure network to connect trading partners.

SMP v2.0 describes a specification for publishing service metadata within a 4-corner network, where entities exchange business documents through intermediary gateway services, sometimes called “Access Points.” To successfully send a business document in a 4-corner network, the sending entity must be able to discover critical metadata about the receiving entity, such as which types of documents the trading partner can receive and process automatically and which transport protocols they support. Trading partners make this metadata available to each other in the network, depending on the business processes they implement, always through an SMP service.

“The SMP is a relatively simple, yet powerful specification for registering endpoint capabilities in an eDelivery network that supports many-to-many transactions,” said Professor Dr. Andriana Prentza of the University of Piraeus and member of the OASIS Open Europe Foundation Board of Directors. “It has been proven a very valuable building block in application domains such as eInvoicing and the wider supply chain integration, which require distributed, dynamic discovery and portable registration of end user capabilities.”

“SMP was developed by the OASIS Business Document Exchange TC as part of its mandate to define an open standards framework to support public eProcurement and eInvoicing,” said Kenneth Bengtsson, Chair of the BDXR Technical Committee. “This specification describes the request/response exchanges between a Service Metadata Publisher and a client wishing to discover endpoint information. Once connected, businesses and government agencies can easily and safely reach any other partner on the network. This makes trading partner onboarding a significantly smoother process, and removes a lot of friction from day to day electronic trade.” 

The international nonprofit association OpenPEPPOL includes the SMP service as a mandatory building block in the architecture of the Peppol Network. Buyers and sellers can publish their receiving capabilities, which facilitate communication in various stages of electronic procurement and other business processes between public and private entities, in a total of 32 countries across the globe.

“As a longtime supporter of both open source and open standards, IBM is proud to support the OASIS BDXR TC to help achieve true frictionless global electronic trade. IBM Sterling’s ongoing contributions to supply chain and e-invoicing technologies like the SMP are instrumental to ensure the needs of our clients and their trading business partners are considered as industry and regulatory standards are developed.”

— Joe Berti, VP, AI Applications, IBM

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