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Accelerating the use of biometrics through services and enhanced interoperability in distributed environments.


The Technical Committee was closed by TC Administration on 25 March 2016 and is no longer active. Maintenance of TC work products has transferred to the OASIS Biometric Services (BIOSERV) TC.

Archives of the work of the Biometrics TC remain publicly accessible and are linked from this page. OASIS appreciates the efforts of all those who participated in this TC.

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All interested parties are invited to participate in the Biometrics TC; see further information on how to join OASIS.


The OASIS Biometric TC seeks to accelerate the use of biometrics through services and enhanced interoperability in distributed environments. Specifications that improve interoperability are a key enabler to make biometrics more viable within multi-factor authentication. By this means, the TC helps bring parity to biometrics as compared to other technologies, such as cryptographic certificate use and management, where interoperability standards are markedly more mature.

See the official OASIS Biometrics TC charter for more information about the TC including the specific scope of work.


This TC furthers the work initiated by the now completed OASIS Biometric Identity Assurance (BIAS) Integration TC. In accordance with the OASIS bylaws, a Call for Participation was issued in December 2012. Many of the organizations involved in the BIAS TC are original supporters of the Biometrics TC.

Standards Track Work Products

As of November 2014, this committee is focused on three major work products:

  1. Biometrics Identity Assurance (BIAS) SOAP Profile (OASIS Standard). BIAS is a WSDL/SOAP-based framework that abstracts common biometric recognition operations (e.g., enrollment, identification, and/or verification). In accordance with the TC charter, the Biometrics TC assumes the maintenance responsibility of the Biometric Identity Assurance Services SOAP Profile. BIAS is an official OASIS Standard.
  2. WS-Biometric Devices (Committee Specificiation Draft). WS-Biometric Devices, or WS-BD, is a REST "inspired" (XML over HTTP) specification abstracting common biometric sensor acquisition operations (e.g., initialization, configuration, capture, download). WS-Biometric Devices was originally a NIST Special Publication and an OASIS Biometric TC Committee Draft.
  3. Operational Monitoring and Reporting (OMAR). OMAR is a program for supporting end-users' and businesses' expectations associated with reliability, availability, maintainability and performance of biometric systems and applications. OMAR is currently an OASIS Biometrics TC Working Draft.

Non-Standards Track Work

The OASIS Biometrics TC has no non-standards track work.


No subcommittees have been formed for this TC.

TC Liaisons

The Biometrics TC has a liaison relationship with:

  1. OASIS Trust Elevation TC
  2. ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 37 (Class A Liaison)
  3. INCITS M1

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