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Companies participating in ecosystems require standards to exchange and operationalize data beyond the current integration with existing suppliers and customers (1 up & 1 down). Ecosystem coordination today requires multi-tier (N to N) data relationships to foster better supply chain planning, enhanced visibility, as well as deeper traceability in order to build trusted, secure, and sustainable products and services.

The computing ecosystem recognizes that as digital transformation drives more industries to build intelligent systems, standardizing the data exchanged by member companies across such a network will facilitate building resilient capacity, trusted hardware and software, secure systems and sustainable practices to benefit all customers and end users.

To that end, we will define data schemas and ontologies, APIs, and smart contracts that allow the data exchange to be achieved on blockchain infrastructure (or other distributed data infrastructure) for use cases valued by the contributing members to the technical committee.

Joaquin Sufuentes, Chair
Tom Dodson,, Chair

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The scope of the work of the CES TC will be developing use cases, standards (data schemas, ontologies) and APIs that enable end-to-end visibility for supply chains.

For more information, see the CES-TC Charter.

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