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1) Develop an effective liaison with the OASIS XLIFF technical committee and the W3C ITS working group so that the DITA TC can work together with those interested providing for the needs of the information-development community from authoring through localization to the production of final deliverables in multiple languages. 2) Establish guidelines that promote best practices for authoring, workflow, and tools that allows information to move seamlessly from original authors and editors through translators and production specialists handling the intricacies of multiple languages and cultures. 3) Add to the various specifications methods that will help vendors and service providers comply with DITA and translation-oriented standards. 4) Add a DITA to XLIFF to DITA tool set to the DITA Open Source Toolkit so that content can move seamlessly along the full information development life cycle.

Providing Feedback: OASIS welcomes feedback on its technical activities from potential users, developers, and others to better assure the interoperability and quality of OASIS work.