Infrastructure Data-Plane Function (IDPF) TC

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Defining a standard Network Data-Plane Function PCIe device (peripheral component interconnect express) to meet the needs of large data center operators and their tenants and vendors of host-attached networking devices.


The inaugural meeting of the IDPF TC is scheduled for Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 21:00 UTC, 1:00 PM Pacific standard time, 4:00 PM Eastern standard time.

Participation in the Infrastructure Data-Plane Function (IDPF) TC is open to all interested parties. Contact for more information.


The IDPF TC's goal is to define a standard Network Data-Plane Function PCIE device. PCIe stands for 'peripheral component interconnect express' and it is an interface standard for connecting high-speed components of a computer. The project is aimed at meeting the needs of large data center operators and their tenants and vendors of Host-attached networking devices, such as NICs and Accelerators.

The TC's work will satisfy multiple goals:

  • High throughput/low-overhead operation
  • Remove most of the CPU cost of emulated interfaces
  • Decouple Tenant and data-center operations
  • Standardized interface for scalability and ease of configuration and operation
  • Offer Tenants additional features and accelerations to keep up evolving demands
  • Feature negotiation and extensibility to allow scalable provisioning and orchestration

None of the standard interfaces available in the market today provide for all of these needs at once.

For more information, see the IDPF TC Charter.

Founding members of this TC include:

  • Intel
  • Red Hat
  • Google

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