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The UBL Small Business Subcommittee was re-established by the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee on 25 April 2018. See

Matt Vickers, matt.vickers@xero.com, Chair
Ken Holman, gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com, Secretary

UBL Small Business Subcommittee Charter

Define a subset of UBL that meets the requirements of the global small business community, while conforming with the complete UBL standard.

Statement of purpose

UBL has expanded to offer exhaustive coverage of the needs of businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, while still being extensible for the needs of particular geographies and industries.

However, in doing so, the onus on some technology partners in implementing the entire standard may be significant and prohibitive. This group aims to identify a minimal implementation set which allows small businesses with a smaller set of requirements to interchange electronic documents via any desired transport mechanism, including domestic and international e-invoicing networks.

This group also aims to keep pace with PEPPOL BIS standards and the needs of governments that have adopted UBL as the basis of their e-Invoicing initiatives. In this sense, the aim of this committee is not to compete with or supercede those implementations, but to create a common standard which works in harmony with existing BIS standards and other national UBL implementations which can better facilitate interoperability between markets.

The Small Business Subcommittee is tasked with identifying requirements for the MSME community and to release a committee note describing a package of UBL that meets those requirements.

Scope of Work

  • To liaise with governments, industry and organizations to define small business for the purposes of this committee
  • To develop and document a committee note describing UBL package containing a subset of UBL functionality focussed on the needs of that smaller group.
  • To liaise regarding small business needs with other subcommittees in UBL as required.
  • To foster implementations of small business UBL to test the viability of UBL implementations in real-world scenarios. For example, accounting software vendors aiming to meet the needs of small businesses.
  • To develop informative materials as an aid to developers of UBL based applications and interfaces.

List of Proposed Deliverables

  • Small Business UBL Use Case
  • Small Business UBL process model(s)
  • Small Business UBL document model(s)
  • Small Business UBL package documentation
  • Small Business UBL Implementation Guide

The original SBSC was chartered in February 2005:


The work continued until it was suspended at the end of April 2008:


The documents accumulated at the time have been preserved in an archive folder of this subcommittee's documents and are not considered current in regard to the continuing work efforts.

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