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Ballot: SCA service wsdlElement pointing to a WSDL service
We should disallow this case
We should allow this case and require the runtime to provide all of the matching ports
I think it is strange to specify absolute URLs for services. I know we already do that through other means (EPR, @uri attribute). To me, relative URIs are what makes sense on the service-side. When deployed, depending on the protocol, host, local-config, runtime the relative URI gets converted to an absolute URI and that's when the WSDL service/port is created and supplied, if needed. Services in composite files should just point to WSDL bindings.
I have to also note that we already agreed as part of issue 54 resolution that runtimes don't have to provide the service at the specified absolute URL.
If we didn't allow absolute URIs (through EPR/@uri) I would have selected only the 1st option, but given that we do, I could live with option 1 or option 4.