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Ballot: DCML: Process Subgroup Objectives
BEA Systems, Inc.
I believe that the work as stated is out of the scope of our current charter which states:

"The purpose of the OASIS DCML Framework TC is to create a data model and format for exchanging information about the contents of data centers and other IT resources, and the information used in managing those contents."

The definition of "Service-Oriented Processes" and "Business Processes" as stated above are out of scope. Evevn the "mapping" of business processes and any other general processes is out of scope.

Further, I believe that the charter for DCML restricts us to a model for the purposes of "data exchange". However, the sub group charter tasks the group with defining processes, best practice work flows, and orchestrations. These are not scoped soley to data exchange but are scoped as processes for the purpose of management. Which is not within the current DCML charter.