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I submitted a proposal, when will I be notified if I was chosen to speak?

All proposals will be acknowledged shortly after submission when using the online Web form. All submissions will be notified by 15 January 2007.

How are speakers selected?

All proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Each proposal will be graded based on the quality of the proposal, merits of the presenter(s), and overall fit within the scope of the program.

Does OASIS provide speaker honorariums?

Unfortunately, OASIS will be unable to provide any speaker honorariums.

How do speakers arrange for travel and hotel accommodations?

Each selected speaker will be responsible to make their own hotel and travel arrangements. OASIS is unable to provide hotel and travel reimbursements.

Will there be a special hotel discount?

Yes, OASIS has provided a special hotel discount. All the information will be posted on the event Website under the Hotel/Venue link.

As a speaker, will I received a free registration to the event?

As a selected speaker, you will be entitled to receive a free registration to attend the full Symposium program.

Will I need to register myself for the event?

Yes, all speakers will need to register using the online registration form.

You requested my bio. Will it be published in any event materials?

If you are selected to speak, your biography will be posted on the event Website, included in the onsite program guide, and will be used for introductions.

What audio visual equipment will be available?

The following standard A/V will be provided in the meeting room: a computer projection unit, microphones (both podium and table-top), and screen. Please identify any additional items that you may need for your presentation in your submission proposal. We will try to accommodate additional requests, however will be unable to make promises.

Is using a slide template required for the presentation?

If a presenter is speaking on behalf of an OASIS TC, then OASIS would appreciate the presenter using the OASIS slide template. If a presenter is speaking on behalf of themselves or their employer, then they may feel free to use their own template.

What is the policy with proceedings? If I would like to provide handouts to those attending my session - will OASIS handle production?

OASIS will not be able to accommodate specific session handouts, however, we will be providing each attendee with an on-site booklet and access to the online slide presentations. As long as all the information is current, speakers shouldn't need to provide individual handouts. If you choose to provide a handout, you may do so on your own. An estimated number of attendees may be provided upon request - see the OASIS Manager of Events - Jane Harnad. Please note that the Program Committee will need to review all handouts in advance - including those that you will be printing on your own. All handouts must be received by the date designated in your formal speaker confirmation letter.

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