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Chair: Jacques Durand, Director of Engineering and Standards, Fujitsu Software

Lessons Learned from the Evolution of eB/eG Secure Communication: What Does the Future Hold?
Presenter(s): Rik Drummond, CEO, Drummond Group Inc.

Several new standards, including Web services, holds significant promise for the future. However, most of the adoption is happening within company walls. Can it hold up to the tests of B2B communication? Find out how to address these lessons and how to drive adoption of a new world in the B2B communication in this session.

Interactive SOA: Towards Content-Centric Services
Presenter(s): Andrew Townley, Founder & Managing Director, Archistry Limited

Increasing outsourcing and process automation of repetitive or non-core business activities means that most of the low hanging fruit for cost reduction and optimization within the enterprise have been harvested. Now, more than ever, it is the business value derived from the skilled and adaptable "knowledge worker" that is providing the competitive advantage in the marketplace, yet most current SOA initiatives are still focused on application integration. To more effectively leverage the knowledge worker's value to the organization, this session will talk about a realization that must be made that interactive, content-centric SOA, not SOA for integration, will be what provides the strategic marketplace advantage.

Chair: Hal Lockhart, Senior Principal Engineering Technologist in the CTO's Office, BEA Systems

Digital Identity Within eBusiness and eGovernment: Where Are We Now and Where Do We Go From Here?
Presenter(s): Bill Barnhill, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Now is the time to start understanding current and emerging identity standards, how they relate to eBusiness and eGovernment, and how your enterprise can start preparing and possibly contributing. This presentation will cover the basic concepts of identity 2.0, including user-centric identity, the identity meta-system concept, and the current digital identity landscape from an eBusiness and eGovernment perspective. Also discussed will be the current identity standardization efforts and identity framework requirements put forth by industry experts such as Doc Searls, Kim Cameron, and the Berkman Identity Gang.

Enterprise Key Management Infrastructures: An Evolution Towards Securing Data for eB/eG
Presenter(s): Arshad Noor, CTO, StrongAuth, Inc.

As eB/eG continues to leverage the internet to provide next-generation services to its customers, it must factor in rising levels of threats within its technical architecture and compensate for them. This session will talk about how EKMI provides a solution that addresses these concerns.

9:30 - 10:00 | COFFEE BREAK


Chair: William Cox, Cox Software Architects

NZ SAMS: A SAML v2.0 Case Study
Presenter(s): Colin Wallis, Programme Manager - Authentication Standards, State Services Commission, New Zealand Government

NZ SAMS, the New Zealand Security Assertion Messaging Standard, is the first of a suite of deployment profiles of international data standards, intended to support the New Zealand Government's All-of-government Authentication Programme. This presentation will walk attendees through a review of the development process to provide insights for others planning a similar exercise.

Open Standards and SOA Technology Support Service-Oriented Government Reform
Presenter(s): Xiao Lan, Secretariat, ChangFeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance

This session will discuss four aspects of the support which Open Standards and SOA technical framework provides to China Service-Oriented Government Reform. The four aspects discussed will be: the major problems that open standards and SOA technical framework solves in eGovernment, the methods Changfeng Alliance has adopted to promote open standards and SOA technology implementation, its application reflection and application measures, and suggestions for follow-up promotion.

OASIS Standards for eGovernment Integration: Netherlands Government Case Study
Presenter(s): Pim van der Eijk, Sonnenglanz Consulting BV

The Criminal Justice system in the Netherlands has adopted an interoperability framework for inter-agency communication making use of several concepts of the ebXML framework. Amongst these concepts are ebXML Messaging (ebMS2) for reliable messaging, UBL Naming and Design rules for XML schema generation and the ebXML ebBP model complex business partner interactions. In this session, the presenter will discuss the motivation for and the actual use of ebXML in the Criminal Justice system. Furthermore they will also discuss the growing adaption of ebMS in other Dutch governmental communities and in the Netherlands eGovernment architecture.

Chair: Hal Lockhart, Senior Principal Engineering Technologist in the CTO's Office, BEA Systems

Mini-Presentation Panel
Chair: Martin Chapman, Consulting Member Technical Staff, Oracle

eB Doc Standard (ODF) Panel: A Look at Interoperability, Programmability, Accessiblity and Adoption
Chair: Mary McRae, Manager of Technical Committee Adminstration, OASIS

Since the successful standardization of OpenDocument Format first at OASIS in May 2005 and a year later at ISO/IEC much progress has been made. This panel will provide a summation of activity in the areas of: interoperability, programmability, accessiblity and adoption. Due to the emergence of multiple ODF supporting applications interoperabiility of content and presentation is a user requirement. Ongoing efforts within the Formula and Metadata subcommittess is addressing these issues. In the area of programmability, several toolkit projects have emerged that promise to simplify the development of new, innovative ODF supporting applications. OpenDocument Format solutions and applications must meet and serve the needs of Persons with Disabilities. The new ODF v1.1 specification paves the way for Assistive Technology Vendors (ATVs) to implement support for ODF implementations. And lastly, public policy change in major governments is accelerating the adoption of ODF. Each of these mini-presentations will be expanded to an hour for the OpenDocument Workshop on Wednesday, April 18th.

Panelists:Alan Clark, Strategic Advisor for Industry Initiatives and Standards, Novell; Michael Brauer, OASIS ODF TC Chair, Sun Microsystems; Rob Weir, OASIS ODF TC, IBM; Pete Brunet, Accessibility Software Engineer, IBM; and Don Harbison, OASIS ODF Adoption TC Co-chair, IBM

11:30 - 1:00 | SYMPOSIUM LUNCHEON:




Mini-Presentation Panel
Presenter(s): TBA

eB Doc Standards (DITA) Panel: Industry-Centered Business Strategies
Chair: Mary McRae, Manager of Technical Committee Adminstration, OASIS

The DITA standard is gaining acceptance worldwide for publishing technical content to the Web and other media. A number of industries, including medical devices and semi-conductor, have created industry-centered OASIS subcommittees to promote common DITA specializations. This panel will talk about the latest on this topic.

Panelists: JoAnn Hackos, President, Comtech Services Inc.; Chip Gettinger, Astoria Software; and Bob Beims, Freescale

Chair: Bill Barnhill, Booz Allen Hamilton

Research on Beijing eGovernment Information Resources Sharing and Exchanging Platform Based on SOA
Presenter(s): Xiaobin Huang, Deputy Director, Beijing Information Resources Management Center

This presentation proposes a framework of Beijing eGovernment Information Resources Sharing and Exchanging Platform based on SOA. The presenter will also introduce the base components, catalog service, exchange service, authentication service, authorization service, and management service of the platform.

Data Services: Addressing the Challenges of Transformation to a Knowledge-Driven Enterprise
Presenter(s): Sri Gopalan, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

This session will examine the key challenges of information sharing and the key requirements for enterprise-wide data discovery, access and delivery within a SOA-enabled enterprise environment.

SOA Forgot the Data: Enter Composite Data Services
Presenter(s): Ash Parikh, Director of Engineering and Technology, Raining Data Corporation and Murty Gurajada, Architect, Raining Data Corporation

This session will showcase the rapid development of composite applications using a data services framework that insulates applications from the physical implementation of data and removes the need for applications to understand, choose between and interact directly with a diverse range of data integration technologies in the enterprise. Data services accomplish detailed transaction manipulation and provide a transparency of business rules, semantic mappings and metadata management enable the necessary linkage and binding between process and information when deploying composite applications via service-oriented architecture (SOA) techniques. At the end of this session, the attendee will be able to quickly yet easily supercharge any composite application or business process with sophisticated XML-centric data integration aspects such as data transformation, data monitoring, data caching, data throttling, data analytics, etc. data analytics, etc.

2:30 - 3:00 | COFFEE BREAK


Years of Web Services & SOA: You Are Here
Chair: Anne Thomas Manes, Research Director, Burton Group

A panel discussion on the state of WS and SOA methods, five years after the commencement of the first standardization projects. Experts will address where we are today: Is there a WS-* stack (or stacks) today? How do we keep track of what works with what? Are most of the foundational methods sorted out and stable by now? What's still under development? Is there SOA without SOAP? How are services meaningfully tagged, described and organized for use? What kinds of services are enterprises choosing to put into production deployment? What's happening in 2007 that you didn't expect in 2002? What should early adopters be watching now?

Panelists:Mark Hapner, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems; Dave Orchard, Chief Web Services Architect, BEA Systems; Claus von Riegen, Director of Web Services Standards, SAP AG; Chris Ferris, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Corporation; JR Jesson, Chief Technology Officer/Application Engineering, EDS; and Larry Huang, CTO, Primeton


5:00 - 5:15 | MINI-BREAK


6:15 | RECEPTION, sponsored by the Changfeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance

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