Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Part I. Concepts

Help for subscribers, moderators and administrators including how mailing lists work, subscribing and posting messages, moderating and managing lists, list configuration and access controls.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Kavi Mailing List Manager Help
How to Find the Help You Need
Help for Mailing List Subscribers
Help for Mailing List Moderators
Help for Mailing List Admins
Troubleshooting Help
Help for Super Admins
2. Mailing Lists and Aliases
Mailing Lists and Aliases
How Is a Mailing List Different From an Alias?
How Aliases Are Used
How Mailing Lists Are Used
When Good Email Addresses Go Bad
Alias or Mailing List?
3. Managing Your Mailing List Subscriptions
Keep Your Email Address and Account Up to Date
How to Manage Your Subscriptions
Subscription Types
Troubleshooting Information for Subscribers
4. Posting Messages to a Mailing List
How Posting Rules Work
What Happens to My Message?
5. Composing Email to Post to a List
Basic Email Construction
More information on posting to a list
6. Email Commands
Ezmlm Email Address Commands
How to Use Email Commands
Command Addresses
7. How Email Really Works
It's So Simple...or Is It?
An Example
It's Like Regular Mail
Troubleshooting Email Issues
8. Mailing List Moderation
The Virtue of Moderation
Mailing List Rules and Moderation
Moderated List Types
Moderating Posts
Moderating Subscriptions
Troubleshooting Moderated Lists
9. How to Moderate a Mailing List
Who Should Be Appointed Moderator?
Moderator and Administrator Responsibilities
How to Add a Moderator
How to Post Messages
Moderate Subscriptions
How To Moderate Posts
Ezmlm Moderation Messages
10. Managing Mailing Lists
Mailing List Analysis and Management
Dual Access Routes
Total Access = Email Access + Web Access
All Possible Ways to Subscribe and Unsubscribe
Posting Management
List Moderation
Archive Management
Facts All Administrators Need to Know
Mailing List Admin Tools
Super Admin Tools
Troubleshooting Mailing Lists
Troubleshooting Tools
11. Managing Aliases
How Aliases Are Used
Types of Aliases
What You Need to Know About Aliases
Alias Management
Troubleshooting Aliases
12. How Mailing Lists Work
Mailing List Characteristics
Email Access Versus Web Access
How the Posting Process Works
Constructing Outgoing Messages
Subscription Processes
Subscriber Data Issues
13. Subscription Types and Subscriber Lists
Regular Subscriber
Digest Subscriber
Cross-Posters, Posters and Allow
14. All About Dynamic Members Mailing Lists
What Is a Dynamic Members Mailing List?
Query-Driven Subscriber Selection
How to Manage Subscribers
Adding a Dynamic Members Mailing List
Editing Dynamic Members Mailing Lists
15. Mailing List Archives
Raw Ezmlm-Idx Archives and Web Archives
Managing Archives
Archive Access
How Archiving Works
Archive Structure
16. Access Control
Mailing Lists and Access Control
Access Points and Routes
Who's Who
User Level Differentiation
Access Control Mechanisms
Posting Access Controls
Subscription Access Controls
Archive Access Controls
17. Application Integration
Other Kavi Applications that Use Mailing Lists
How Kavi Members Helps Control Mailing List Access
Kavi Mailing List Manager Integration Tools
Third-Party Tools
18. What You Need to Know About Spam
The Ascent of Spam
What Is Spam?
Why Spam Is Evil
How Spam Is Distributed
Fighting Spam
19. Virus Scanning and Spam Blocking
What are viruses and spam?
Virus scanning
Spam blocking
When Messages Are Rejected as Spam
20. How to Add a Mailing List
Configuring Your Mailing List
Before You Begin
Select the List Type
Use Cases and List Type Selection
Configuring Web Availability
Web Archive Visibility
Finishing Touches and Testing
Adding Subscribers
21. Mailing List Use Cases and Sample Configurations
Standard Mailing List Configurations
Organization-Wide Moderated List
List for Publishing Information to the Board of Directors
Newsletter with Closed Archives
22. Mailing List Policy and Usage Statements
Your Subscriber Audience
Key Questions to Answer
Fools, Boors and Spammers Oh My!
23. Changing List Type Options
How to Determine What Will Change
Subscription Model
'Who can post to the list'
List Archives
Instant Archiving
Add a prefix to the subject line
Add trailer to posted email
Public subscription requests
Allow Attachments
24. Logging and Reports
Subscriber Report
Subscriber Log
Full Logs
Mail Delivery Logs
Mail Transfer Agent Status
Bounce Report
25. Mailing Lists and Ezmlm
List Types Are Ezmlm Templates
Ezmlm-make Argument String
Ezmlm Email Commands
Ezmlm Subscriber Management
Subscriber Management Issues
26. List Types
List Types Are Templates
Designed for Common Uses
Analyzing List Type Configuration
27. Adding and Editing Custom List Types
Adding a Custom List Type
Editing or Switching List Types