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XML Platform Provider Sponsors XML Interoperability Consortium

Boston, MA; August 28, 2000-B-Bop Associates, Inc., provider of XML solutions for eBusiness content management and information exchange, became the newest sponsor member of OASIS, the international XML interoperability consortium. B-Bop joined OASIS to support the industry-wide organization and its efforts to ensure open technical standards for the Internet. B-Bop uses XML to deliver dynamic, personalized content to e-commerce, customer relationship management and information portal sites.

"OASIS has experienced remarkable growth and progress in both its membership and the technical work of the Consortium," says Sanjay Manchanda, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of B-Bop Associates, Inc. "As a standards-based company, B-Bop’s sponsor membership with OASIS will allow us to make ongoing contributions in achieving standardization across all industry segments."

"We welcome B-Bop Associates to the Consortium and look forward to their participation," commented Laura Walker, executive director of OASIS. "B-Bop recognizes the benefit of being part of OASIS’ vendor-neutral forum for advancing XML standards throughout the industry. Their focus on eBusiness processes will be a valuable asset to our technical work on XML applications standardization."

About B-Bop

B-Bop ( provides a standards-based XML platform that powers eBusiness processes centered on content management and information exchange. B-Bop products and services enable businesses to transform, store and re-purpose critical information between their sources, customers and business partners. Whether the data comes from internal, external or a combination of sources, the B-Bop Xfinity Server dynamically synchronizes the information specifically to the needs of each customer or application. As a result, B-Bop Xfinity delivers dynamic, personalized and up-to-date content.


( is the world’s largest independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the standardization of XML applications. In addition to its technical work on areas as varied as XML conformance and XML repository standards, OASIS hosts several independent initiatives. ebXML is a joint effort of the United Nations CE/FACT and OASIS to establish a global framework that will enable XML to be used in a consistent manner for the exchange of all electronic business data. CGM Open is a consortium within OASIS dedicated to advancing web graphics standards. The XML Cover Pages is widely regarded as the most comprehensive online reference work for XML and other structured information standards. OASIS also hosts the XML.ORG Registry, the open community clearinghouse of XML application standards.

OASIS sponsors include Adobe Systems, Aerospatiale, AND Data Solutions, Arbortext, B-Bop Associates, BEA Systems, Boeing, Bowstreet, Bridge, BroadVision, Chrystal Software, Cohesia, Commerce One, Corel, DataChannel, Dataloom, DMSi, Documentum, Dun & Bradstreet,, Enigma, eXcelon, Extensibility, Extricity Software, First Call, IBM, InformIT, Informix, InterCAP, Interwoven, ISOGEN, ITEDO, JetForm, Keyfile, Logistics Management Institute, Mercator Software, Microsoft, NextPage, NII Enterprise Promotion Association, Nimble Technology, NIST, Oracle Corporation, Pick Systems, ProNet Technology, Reuters, Sabre, SAP, Sequoia Software, SoftQuad, Software AG, STEP, StreamServe, Sun Microsystems, Synth-Bank, Visa, Wavo, Webb Interactive Services, Whitehill Technologies, Xerox, XMLSolutions and XyEnterprise.

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