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OASIS Forms AMQP Technical Committee to Advance Business Messaging Interoperability Within Middleware, Mobile, and Cloud Environments

Axway, Bank of America, Deutsche Boerse, Goldman Sachs, INETCO, JPMorgan Chase, Kaazing, Microsoft, my-Channels, Red Hat, Software AG, VMware, Zenika and Others Move AMQP Forward Through Open Standards Process

1 Nov 2011 – The OASIS international open standards consortium announced the formation of a new Technical Committee for the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). A platform-agnostic solution for business messaging, AMQP provides organizations with an easier, more secure approach to passing real-time data streams and business transactions. The OASIS Technical Committee will advance the contributed AMQP version 1.0 through the international open standards process. “The implications of AMQP are potentially far-reaching. It could provide open interoperability, thereby reducing the cost of enterprise-quality messaging and making new kinds of applications practical,” said W. Roy Schulte, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research. “AMQP’s move to OASIS marks a significant milestone in its evolution that will likely provide a significant boost in visibility and market interest.” “An efficient and open wire-level messaging protocol is a must for multi-vendor communications within the cloud,” said Angus Telfer of INETCO, co-chair of the OASIS AMQP Technical Committee. “AMQP fills that position in a vendor neutral way.” “The formation of the OASIS AMQP Technical Committee is an important next step in the advancement of AMQP as an open and interoperable messaging protocol. We expect the work done by the AMQP Technical Committee to open up new possibilities in business messaging,” said Ram Jeyaraman of Microsoft, who also co-chairs the OASIS AMQP Technical Committee. Current AMQP applications are as diverse as financial front office trading, ocean observation, computer-generated animation, and online gaming. Many operating systems include AMQP implementations, and many application frameworks are AMQP-aware. There are Cloud-hosted offerings of AMQP, and it is embedded in virtualization infrastructure. The OASIS AMQP Technical Committee currently has more than 50 members representing global financial service institutions, infrastructure providers, and integration, transaction and networking specialists from around the world. Participation is open to all interested parties, and new members may join at any time. Archives of the Committee’s work are accessible to both members and non-members, and OASIS invites public review and comment on the work. Support for AMQP Bank of America “The transition to OASIS marks a coming-of-age for AMQP. I look forward to the broader community that OASIS makes AMQP accessible to. I hope that others at OASIS will find AMQP a useful building block for their efforts at enabling connected business and look forward to engaging with them.” — John O’Hara, Chair of the OASIS AMQP Member Section and Head of Architecture Commodities Technology at Bank of America Merrill Lynch INETCO “Companies considering AMQP will need to see permanence and signs of a growing, knowledgeable eco-community. The OASIS AMQP Technical Committee will guarantee protocol stability, provide an international forum for all things AMQP, and ensure proven solutions are made accessible to AMQP implementers, such as the light-weight transaction management solution provided by INETCO that monitors AMQP business messaging performance across multi-vendor service applications, brokers, emerging mobile and cloud-based applications.”— Bijan Sanii, CEO, INETCO Kaazing “We are pleased to be a part of OASIS’ ongoing efforts to transform the way business is done in the Cloud and over the Internet. Kaazing, the enabler of the living web, is looking forward to participating and supporting this newly established technical committee dedicated to defining a ubiquitous, secure, reliable and open internet protocol for handling business messaging.”— John Fallows, CTO and Co-Founder, Kaazing Microsoft “As an active member of OASIS, Microsoft welcomes the formation of the AMQP Technical Committee. We hope that our contributions to this effort will serve to advance AMQP as an industry standard specification that can be broadly adopted across the industry, enabling both interoperability between vendor products and increased choice for customers. Microsoft supports thousands of standards in its products and we remain committed to supporting the development of new open standards and improving existing standards.” — Scott Guthrie, a corporate vice president in Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business division my-Channels “AMQP is facilitating improved information flows between the growing number of AMQP compliant messaging technologies in existence today. my-Channels is excited to have participated in the formation of the OASIS AMQP Technical Committee and continues to play an active role in the evolution and standardization of AMQP, a single standard targeted at enabling interoperability between middleware technologies. AMQP compatibility has been an important addition to my-Channels Nirvana and it has become increasingly important to our customers as AMQP gains trac-tion in the marketplace.” — Eddie McDaid, Director of Business Development, my-Channels Red Hat “Red Hat has been a long-time contributor to the AMQP Working Group as an original co-founder within the organization, and is pleased to extend our support and participation as a member of the OASIS AMQP Technical Committee. AMQP is a key messaging computing standard that we utilize in many of our solutions, including Red Hat Enterprise MRG and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and we expect that it will continue to transform the industry with its extensions into the cloud.” — Carl Trieloff, Technical Director, Red Hat Software AG “For many years, Software AG has been closely involved at the forefront of leading industry standards, recognizing the need for interoperability in an ever-more connected world. AMQP is an exciting development aimed at overcoming practical barriers to B2B and large-scale enterprise integration and Software AG is proud to be part of this user-driven initiative.” — Hans-Christoph Rohland, Senior Vice President R&D, Software AG VMware “VMware welcomes the creation of the AMQP Technical Committee at OASIS. This is another important milestone which will help bring standardized and interoperable business messaging to a broad cross-section of the industry. We are committed to working with our partners and customers in developing and supporting the critical standards that will enable the open cloud computing vision.” — Winston Bumpus, Director of Standards Architecture, VMware Zenika “We fully expect AMQP to become the standard building block for middleware interoperability. As a global consulting group that architects and deploys message-oriented middleware systems for both banking and industrial customers, Zenika is proud to be part of the OASIS AMQP Technical Committee.” — Pierre Queinnec, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Zenika Additional information: OASIS AMQP Technical Committee OASIS AMQP Member Section About OASIS: OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is a not-for-profit, international consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. OASIS promotes industry consensus and produces worldwide standards for business transactions, security, privacy, cloud computing, SOA, the Smart Grid, content technologies, emergency management, and other applications. OASIS open standards offer the potential to lower cost, stimulate innovation, grow global markets, and protect the right of free choice of technology. OASIS members broadly represent the marketplace of public and private sector technology leaders, users, and influencers. The consortium has more than 5,000 participants representing over 600 organizations and individual members in 100 countries. Press contact: Carol Geyer Senior Director of Communications and Development OASIS