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OASIS Names Rex Brooks and Robin Cover as Distinguished Contributors

International consortium recognizes excellence in open standards

23 August 2018 – Rex Brooks and Robin Cover were honored by the OASIS open standards consortium as Distinguished Contributors in recognition of their accomplishments as leaders, consensus builders, and evangelists the advancement of open standards.

Rex Brooks has been active in OASIS for more than 15 years. He is a founding member of the OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee and a driving force in its ecosystem. Rex’s experience and education bring an impressive combination of skills to OASIS, enabling him to serve simultaneously as a Systems Architect, Ontology Builder, Emergency Management Specialist, Software Designer, Standards & Open Architecture Educator, Articulate Spokesperson, and Visionary.

“Rex has been a tremendous resource in the development, maintenance, and support of the OASIS Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) suite of standards. These standards, including the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), are used around the world to help save lives and manage disaster response. Rex has been a key person in our work many years,” said Elysa Jones, chair of the OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee.

Robin Cover is recognized worldwide as ‘Bibliographer At-Large’ for the SGML/XML industry. An OASIS staff member from 1989-2018, Robin is best known as editor of The Cover Pages, an online library dedicated to open standards-based solutions that protect digital information and enhance the quality of data processing. Robin served as OASIS Director of Information Services and was a recipient of the IDEAlliance XML Cup Award in 2004.

“Few people have had a more positive impact on the standards world than Robin Cover,” said Jon Bosak, leader of the W3C working group that developed XML and former chair of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee. “Robin improved countless specifications with his process guidance and profound understanding of structured information. From his early work in SGML to his many years editing the Cover Pages and his work with OASIS technical committees, Robin has helped us realize that excellence is sometimes attainable and always worth striving for.”

Rex and Robin join their peers in the OASIS Distinguished Contributors hall of fame and are eligible for the benefits of this designation in perpetuity.

“We extend our greatest appreciation to Robin, Rex, and all our Distinguished Contributors for their exemplary service to the mission of OASIS and for reminding us of what is possible,” said Scott McGrath, OASIS Chief Operating Officer.


OASIS is one of the most respected, member-driven standards bodies in the world. It offers standards and open source projects a path to recognition in international policy and procurement. OASIS has a broad technical agenda encompassing cybersecurity, privacy, cryptography, cloud computing, IoT, legal, emergency management, augmented reality, and more. Any initiative for developing code, APIs, specifications, or reference implementations can find a home at OASIS. Each project operates independently under industry-approved process and IPR policies. Some of the most widely adopted OASIS Standards include AMQP, CAP, CMIS, DITA, DocBook, KMIP, MQTT, OpenC2, OpenDocument, PKCS, SAML, STIX, TAXII, TOSCA, UBL, and XLIFF. Many of these have gone on to be published as ISO, IEC, or ITU standards. New work is encouraged, and all are welcome to participate. OASIS members can be found in 100+ countries on virtually every continent. Major multinational companies, SMEs, government agencies, universities, research institutions, consulting groups, and individuals are represented.

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