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Open Standards and Human Rights: A Path to Ethical AI

By Francis Beland, Executive Director, OASIS Open

This excellent research brief from the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (IEAI) focuses on a salient issue that we should all be concerned about: the integration of human rights into the AI ethic discourse. I believe that by adopting open standards, AI developers can ensure that their systems are built on principles that promote respect for human rights in developing and deploying AI systems.

Open standards can help to promote transparency by ensuring that the algorithms used in AI systems are open to scrutiny and review by independent experts. This can help identify and address any biases or discriminatory impacts the system may have.

Key Issues

In addition, open standards can also help promote accountability by providing clear guidelines and standards for AI’s ethical development and use. This can help to ensure that AI systems are designed and used in ways that are consistent with human rights principles.

Finally, open standards can help promote non-discrimination by ensuring that AI systems are consistent with international human rights standards, treating all individuals fairly and equitably, regardless of their race, gender, or other personal characteristics.