Bret Jordan, Chief Security Strategist, Afero

For over 25 years I have been fortunate to work with truly amazing and talented individuals on some of the hardest problems and most advanced technologies and solutions that protect our way of life. I have led several initiatives to drive innovation, created new technologies, managed very large projects and teams, and designed automated and collaborative cyber threat intelligence and mitigation/remediation solutions across the industry.

Prior to joining Afero, I was CTO of Emerging Technologies for Broadcom. Prior to that I held leadership positions at Symantec, Blue Coat Systems, Solera Networks, and several other startups, enterprises, and nonprofits. I have extensive experience collaborating with government agencies, critical infrastructure, industry thought leaders, and academic researchers from around the world to drive creative new ideas, technologies, and solutions that can have material impact on protecting systems and data crucial to our way of life.

I started my career as Director of Networking at the University of Utah where I helped design and implement the first wide-scale 802.1X network with distributed authentication which later formed the basis of EduRoam. I have also led several international standards including STIX, TAXII, CACAO, and OpenC2 and have presented numerous times at RSA, ISC2 Security Congress, FS-ISAC, ITU, FIRST, ETSI TC-Cyber, and ENISA conferences. I enjoy working on hard problems and helping design solutions that can change the world.

My current research includes creative solutions for and the impacts of 5G, IoT, and cryptography on cybersecurity and society.

Additional Information:
I am currently serving on the Board as the Board Process Committee Chair, and served once before on the board several years ago. As the Board Process Committee Chair I am looking at ways to make things easier and faster for TCs, OPs, Chairs, Editors, and Secretaries. I am also trying to create Best Practices documents and various other helpful tools to streamline things here at OASIS.

I believe OASIS is going through a pivotal time and really needs people that understand how things work from the Member side, so that we can make things better for years to come. If I am re-elected, I will continue to try and improve things here at OASIS.