Daniel Rohrer, VP Product Security – Architecture and Research, NVIDIA

Daniel Rohrer is VP of software product security, architecture and research at NVIDIA. In his 24 years at NVIDIA, he’s led efforts to enhance AI security, deliver GPU confidential computing, and advance research efforts in secure platform design. Daniel has taken his integrated knowledge of “everything NVIDIA” to hone security practices, explore novel cybersecurity solutions, and help deliver some of the world’s most advanced and trustworthy computing platforms.

Additional Information:
I have been active in recent areas of AI Security and helping scale communities through training, open source tooling and other initiatives to ensure safe and trustworthy ecosystem. Advocate for democratized access to compute capacities ensuring equality and accessibility to all communities. Deep interest in collaborations between ethics, security, safety, social science and other disciplines to ensure interactions of technology innovations and society are appropriate and safe for use. Sits on NVIDIA AI ethics review committee, has held Board position on NVIDIA Foundation a non profit organization, and driver of product security innovations.