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About Adoption Forum

Programme Theme
Enabling Efficiency between Government, Business and the Citizen:
Managing Secure Interactions in Sector Applications

The third annual OASIS Adoption Forum seeks to educate and expose security leaders and professionals to the tools, standards and implementations that are transforming security interactions and relationships between citizens, businesses, governmental institutions and agencies. With increasing threats encompassing everything from hacking to identity theft, providing a secure environment must be a major objective for companies, governments, and organizations worldwide. The success you enjoy tomorrow depends on the security decisions you make today. This is an exclusive opportunity to take part in an event that will examine security from various business perspectives.

Hosted by the OASIS open standards consortium, the Adoption Forum will bring together both visionaries and implementers to examine new approaches and developing technologies as well as actual case studies within the aerospace, financial, logistics, health, insurance, and other aspects of e-government.

Who Should Attend:

Participation is open to members of OASIS, as well as non-members. The program will be specifically directed to security leaders and professionals, including:

  • Senior Consultants
  • Programme Directors/Managers of IT
  • Network VPs/Directors/Managers
  • Directors/Managers Operations
  • Network Officers and Architects
  • Corporate Managers
  • SMEs as IT Developers and Users
  • and other security decision makers within Enterprise Architecture Groups (in government and large enterprises); Industry Associations; and Enterprise Promotional Organizations

2006 Programme Committee:

Carol Cosgrove-Sacks, Ph.D

Carol Cosgrove-Sacks, Ph.D

Carol Cosgrove-Sacks, Ph.D, Senior Advisor on International Standards Policy, represents OASIS to European and international organizations, the business community and NGOs. She contributes to promoting the policy relevance and visibility of OASIS in international processes and assists with OASIS strategic business development and networking with governments and trade associations throughout Europe. Carol was formerly Director of Trade in the United Nations (1994-2005), where she was responsible for managing support to the UN Center for Trade Facilitation and E-Business [UN/CEFACT], including the management of UN/EDIFACT and the development of ebXML and the UN electronic documents set, UNeDocs. She launched and organized the annual UN forums on international trade facilitation and e-business and the programme on Internet enterprise development. She has participated in many international taskforces to define the policy and strategic context for e-business tools, including the ISO High Level Steering Group on CALS, the UN ICT Taskforce, the OECD Working Group on e-Commerce, and was the global coordinator for the UN Regional Commissions for the World Summits on the Information Society (WSIS),2003 to 2005. She is based in Geneva, where she works as a business consultant especially regarding the WTO and international supply chains. She is also a Professor at the College of Europe, Bruges, and travels frequently to Brussels. She is a regular public speaker, particularly about international trade logistics, e-business and e-government. Her credentials include a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in economics and a Ph.D. in international trade development. She is based in Geneva and speaks English, French and German.

Roger Dean

Roger Dean, Executive Director

Roger Dean, Executive Director, eema.org, played a significant role as a founder member and executive director of eema during the launch and establishment of the association in Zurich in 1987. During the last 19 years, Roger has contributed immensely to eema's growth throughout Europe. During this time, his responsibilities have included the co-ordination of the various activities of the Areas of Focus, project managed the various Interest Groups and other working groups. These include the X.400 and X.500 standards interoperability demonstrator trails and the very successful PKI challenge which was undertaken on behalf of the European Commission and included PKI and authentication interoperability trials between 25 vendors from 9 countries. Prior to joining eema, Roger had a lead role in several start-up initiatives, including launching the first commercial e-mail service into the UK, France and Switzerland. He has a world class network of business contacts including senior executives in industry, multi-national companies, government, United Nations, European Union, DTI, e-envoy, OGC, NHS, defence and intelligence services.

Patrick Gannon

Patrick J. Gannon, President and CEO

Patrick J. Gannon is President and CEO of OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards); an international not-for-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) whose mission is to drive the development, convergence and adoption of e-Business standards. He has served on the OASIS Board of Directors since July 2000. Patrick has also served since 2000 with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), as Chairman of the Team of Specialists for Internet Enterprise Development, which advises governments in transitional economies on best practices for electronic business. He has worked for BEA Systems, as Senior Vice President in the eCommerce Integration Division. Patrick also served as Vice President of Marketing and Industry Programs at Netfish Technologies and as Vice President of Strategic Programs for the CommerceNet Consortium, directing research and development efforts in new Internet commerce standards such as XML. While at CommerceNet, he was the first ProjectLeader for RosettaNet and served as Executive Director for the Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) initiative. Patrick is co-author of the book: Building Database-Driven Web Catalogs and is an international speaker on electronic business and Web Services standards. Patrick is based in Boston.

Steve Jones

Steve Jones, CTO for Application Development Transformation
Capgemini UK

Steve Jones is CTO for Application Development Transformation at Capgemini UK and the global sponsor for Capgemini's membership of the OASIS and Java Community Process groups. An active contributor to the open community and standards bodies Steve recently contributed Capgemini's SOA Methodology to OASIS and was part of the industry launch panel on JBI at JavaOne last year. Member of the first JAX-RPC group, and most recently the Java SE 6 group Steve has been working actively in Java for over seven years across the globe on mainly large scale integration projects. Steve regularly presents at JavaOne, IEEE conferences, vendor conferences and other events and in 2005 was published in the IEEE Software journal around service definition as well as presenting on SOA and forming part of the SOA panel at BEAWorld in London. Steve's current areas of focus are the "A" of SOA and the software realisation of architectural SOAs.

Martin Raepple

Martin Raepple, Platform Ecosystem Industry Standards

As a Standards Architect with SAP's Industry Standards team, Martin Raepple works in the area of standardization and interoperability testing of new Web Services technologies, focusing on message security and identity management. He represents SAP in the OASIS Web Services Secure Exchange (WS-SX) and Provisioning Services (PS) Technical Committees as well as in other standards bodies (e.g. WS-I). Before Martin joined SAP, he has held positions with companies like CSC and IBM as an Information Technology Architect and Senior Consultant. Martin has over 12 years of experience in applying technology in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing and transport. Martin speaks frequently on technical subjects at international conferences and authored books and articles relating to information security and enterprise application integration.

Pim van der Eijk

Pim van der Eijk, European Representative

Pim van der Eijk serves as the OASIS European Representative, supporting and expanding OASIS membership in Europe by organizing activities and promoting involvement in technical work. He speaks on behalf of the Consortium at many European conferences and seminars. Pim's extensive experience in SGML, XML and e-business includes technology positions at Excelon, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Digital Equipment Corporation, as well as active participation in the Dutch SGML/XML User Group. Pim is based in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

John Wailing

John Wailing, Director of Technical Policy
Cabinet Office - UK Government

John Wailing's role in the UK Cabinet Office e-Government Unit is to engineer the technical policies, standards and generic components needed to fulfil the Prime Minister's vision of ensuring that IT supports the business transformation of Government itself so that we can provide better, more efficient, public services. John has designed innovative and secure IT solutions for many years. Recently, John set the design standards for the UK's new Criminal Justice IT system with particular emphasis on system security. Previously, he worked at the Office of the e-Envoy on projects such as the Government Gateway and was at the Inland Revenue office attempting to tease new functionality out of existing systems.

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