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The Symposium program is now available. Please refer to the Schedule-at-a-Glance for a full view of the Symposium program or use the following links to view the program days.

 Sunday, 24 April - Tutorials
(Note: Tutorials are complimentary to all Symposium registrants.)
 Monday, 25 April - Day One of Symposium Program
 Tuesday, 26 April - Day Two of Symposium Program
 Symposium Proceedings Now Available

OASIS Symposium Keynotes Announced

Mitchell Kapor, Chairman, Open Source Applications Foundation

Mitchell Kapor, Chairman, Open Source Applications Foundation

Mitchell Kapor is active in the world of open source software as the founder and President of the Open Source Applications Foundation, which is developing Chandler, a new personal information manager and as Chair of the Mozilla Foundation. Mitchell founded Lotus Development Corporation in 1982 and designed Lotus 1-2-3, the "killer app" which made the PC ubiquitous in business. He is also the co-founder (in 1990) of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and currently serves as a Director of the Mitchell Kapor Foundation and of the Level Playing Field Institute.

Monday, 25 April
8:30 AM - Opening Keynote

Business at the Crossroads: The New Paradigm of Openness

Leading-edge businesses now face a critical choice, which constitutes a life-or-death bet. Do they defend business models based on proprietary control of intellectual assets or adapt themselves to survive and thrive in a dynamic new economic order? The global economy will depend on a foundation of openness and the coordinated production of an information commons, one which will not replace but transform proprietary ownership and market competition.

Joanne Friedman, CEO, ConneKted Minds Inc.

Joanne Friedman, CEO, ConneKted Minds Inc.

Joanne Friedman is widely recognized for her thought provoking insights on IT management and strategically engineering highly integrated demand and supply chains. A noted author and speaker, Joanne is distinguished for her contributions to XML standards development and recognized by numerous organizations in the high tech and manufacturing sectors for her leadership in promoting standards adoption.Joanne is co-founder and CEO of ConneKted Minds Inc., a business- technology practice built on International Value Management Standards to support the needs of F1000 enterprises and their technology partners. Prior to joining ConneKted Minds, Joanne was Vice President, Electronic Business Strategies with the Meta Group . Joanne complements her skills in business-technology strategy with 17 years experience in the corporate IT organizations of Fortune 500 companies in North America. She is currently at work on her fourth book and continues to actively participate in industry initiatives RosettaNet, the Open Applications Group (OAG), and OASIS.

Tuesday, 26 April
8:30 AM - Keynote

Are We Thinking for the Good of the Few or the Good of the Many? Just Why Doesn't High Tech Speak Automotive?

A funny thing happened on the way to the Nouvelle Economy. Somehow we forgot to inculcate governance, stewardship and perhaps accountability on behalf of the end users.

While seemingly the creative collective left many of the stewardship tasks to the vendor community, does the brain trust of thinkers and innovators have an obligation to advocate, mentor, and guide on behalf of business, the millions of end users who adopt standards through commercial channels? As we stand at the brink of "the open era," who or what should assume the mantle of a stewardship role and bring the multilateralism needed to support global cross industry trade?

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